A mini dress is the answer to your summer outfit boredom. You can throw it on with some block sandals and go! Here’s why I like this dress.

I’m wearing an xl in this dress.

The Mini Part of the Mini Dress

Listen, it is ok to wear short dresses. You decide how short is too short. I say if you can wear it and you feel dynamite in it, go for it! Trust me, you won’t regret feeling good and wearing what you love. Additionally, it is too hot in the summer to be worried about what others may think! Right?

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Get Your Girly Vibe On

Who says you can’t still play dress up when you grow up? A mini dress is the dress style that makes me want to twirl! It’s a departure from other dress styles such as a midi, shift, or a line. What I like is the blatant feminine vibe of this dress. The ruffles give it a whimsical feel. Couple that with the shorter length and I’m ready to dance.

A minidress is arguably the easiest throw-on-and-go outfit in the summer. (OK, aside from like, denim shorts and a t-shirt.) 

Source: PopSugar

Here is the makeup I am wearing:


The Cut and Structure

Next, I like the structure of these dresses. Trust me, structure is your friend when you have curves! We don’t need to hide in baggy clothes. These dresses usually cinch in at the waist and have a fabric belt. It creates a lovely silhouette.

How to Wear It

I usually keep the rest of my look super simple. I don’t wear high heels to avoid taking away from the look. Instead I go with lower block heels. I have another post on other ways to wear a mini dress here.

Ok, there you have it, now go wear that mini dress!


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