Working from home has resulted in a change in my outfits. For instance, I left my usual dress and low heels combo. From this shift emerged one of my new favorite combinations – a cami, blazer, and jeans (or leggings).

With a Blazer and Jeans

All Camis I’m wearing are from Target. I’m wearing a size XL. See them all below

The camisole, or cami as your mom might call it, is a versatile and essential part of any woman’s wardrobe.

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The quarantine gave me some time (and you some time to) to change things up. Wearing a dress just didn’t seem as practical for online meetings. We all needed items that were comfortable and versatile. So, I got a chance to explore the tops I wear. I got into wearing more of my basics.

With a Button Up Shirt and Jeggings

You know that I like combining some good basics. This was something I talked about that in a post here. I have a couple of camis from about five years go. They were worn under cardigans and that was about it. Before, camis were the item I wore underneath. Now, I wear them front and center.

With a Flowy Blazer and Jeans

Here’s why I like camis (and I think you should too)

They Bring a Luxe Feeling to an Outfit

First, camis bring a luxe feel to any outfit. A cami gives off a feminine and soft feel. This is perfect with a more structured items like a blazer or button up shirt.

With a White Flowy Blazer and Jeggings

Camis Are Adjustable

Second, you can usually adjust the straps of camis. That means you can have less or more coverage. When you got curves, tops that adjust are a bonus!

I like to add some simple gold necklaces

It’s a Classic

Next, a cami is a classic basic. Like I mentioned, I have camis that I bought years ago. A cami isn’t trendy. As a result, it can be worn year after year.

Likewise, I like that I can wear them on the weekend and for work. My camis have been on repeat these last few weeks for work and the weekend.

Dime En Español

Continuando con chaqueta estilo Blazers y las blusas estilo Camis como uno de mis combos para trabajar en casa. Me gusta este blazer de estilo seersucker por ahora y el verano. 

The Feeling Factor

The Intersection Between Style & Psychology

Sometimes we over complicate what it means to get dressed. The simple basics remixed in different ways do a couple of things: first, it takes the guess work out of getting dressed and second, we feel good when we wear outfits that we know work for us. Similarly, going with the basics avoids that uncomfortable feeling when you are wearing something and you aren’t sure it works for you.

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good! -Vivian

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