A white dress when done right is phenomenal! However, when done wrong, it is a disaster. Here are tips to get the right white dress for you.

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I love the way white looks during the spring and summer months. So crisp and clean. But we don’t want to look like a hot mess. Alright, let’s get to the tips to avoid that!

If the little black dress is the staple of colder months of the year, it’s the little white dress—or the LWD—that’s the must-have during the summer.

Source: Style Caster

Too Thin

Get a dress with substantial fabric. Why? So the dress will provide you with coverage. It will be more likely to look smooth and sleek with thicker fabric.

Wrong Fit

Fit is always key with dresses. It is especially important when you wear white! White is a bit more revealing than other colors. So, do yourself a favor and get the right fit. The dress should skim your frame, not squeeze it.

Poor Quality

Likewise, don’t skimp on quality when buying a white dress. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just look for dresses that are well made and have some structure to them.

So there you have it! Get a white dress that checks off all of these boxes and you will be good to go! Check out more swoon-worthy dresses here.

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