Every fall, besides having a pumpkin spice latte, I would go and purchase pieces that were very “in season”. What I didn’t do is stick to my rules on what I really like to wear and what I don’t. So, I would end up with clothes that I eventually not going to wear.


Shirt Dress Size XL  Here , Plus || Nude Heels Similar  ||Knit Midi Dress Size XL Here  , Plus || Leopard Heels Similar || Black Heels  Here || Mock Neck Top Size XL Here  || Denim Jeggings Size XL  Similar || White Boots Similar  ||

I would buy fall items like big oversized blazers and a lot of plaid. I would also eventually end up buying items in the color burgundy, maroon, or wine. I wear that color occasionally – but it’s not one that goes with the other colors I wear.


So this fall, I did something different! I decided to really stick to my own rules.  I resisted the urge to go crazy with the fall items.


So if you look at my previous blog post, How I Avoid Buying Items I Won’t Wear , I talk about a couple of style books. One of the books that I discussed was The Curated Closet. It talks about how you can plan your wardrobe seasonally. It changed the way I looked at my wardrobe!


This book proposes the idea of blending a couple of the seasons together.  For instance, that means looking at fall and winter clothing together. Then you look at your spring and summer wardrobe. For me, since I live in the greater Los Angeles area, that makes a whole lot of sense. I’m not going to be buying items that are very in season but not practical for my lifestyle.


So I did two things differently this fall. First, I looked at trying to find some dresses that I can wear it through the winter. Secondly,  I also looked at color. I tried to find a different color that I could wear this fall.


Dresses that I can wear now and layer in the winter.

I bought a shirt dress that I know I’ll be able to wear in different ways through the fall and winter. I also just picked up a basic knit midi dress. Both work great for curves.


I love the cut of a shirt dress. It is simple and I feel like this is something that I could wear in different ways. I can wear it like I did here or I with tights, boots, and layering it with a nice coat.

Both work great for curves

The other dress I got was a basic midi knit in black. For the winter, I would probably add some tights and a nice coat.


Try other colors that will work with the other colors I wear.

The other thing I did was look color.  I had the tendency to pick up pieces in wine,  burgundy,  and maroon. This color doesn’t work well with what I already own.  So it turns into a one and done.  I just don’t have a lot of things that go with those colors.


So what I did instead is I just went for a top in lilac.  This is another piece that I could wear in different ways. It could be tucked into little pencil skirt or it could be with a pair of denim leggings.


I think that lilac stands out as it’s not your typical fall color.  But it meets my rules as it will work with the rest of the colors in my wardrobe.  To transition to winter,  I probably will wear the denim jegging’s again but this time I would add a coat maybe with some texture. That would contrast with the flowy feel of this top and the lilac color.

… Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!


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  1. Hi Vivian, I absolutely loved the Black Dress as its very simple but chic also and not to mention the white shoes (semi boot style) with your jeans. Very stylish indeed. Living in Australia, I haven’t come across shoes like these ones . . . very different.

    1. Hi, Hello in Australia! Thanks so much for the compliments on the shoes. What I like most about both is that they are comfortable too! Thanks! – Vivian

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