Trust Me, You will Love a Suede Jacket

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A suede jacket isn't the first item you think of when it comes to wardrobe essentials. I got some reasons that will change your mind.

Not Until Recently...

I had not owned a suede jacket until now.  The primary reason was that I couldn't find one I liked. One that actually fit.

"BlankNYC is known for its range of moto jackets, so this piece is a classic."

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Think of a Suede Jacket as Good Blazer


A good blazer instantly elevates an outfit, right? It adds some structure. Additionally, it defines your silhouette. That is what a good suede jacket does too! 

It Adds Visual interest


A suede jacket brings something interesting to a look. It comes with texture and depending on the tone, it adds color.

Everyone Has a Leather Jacket - Be Different


Finally, just get one to be different. Everyone goes with a leather jacket. Why not stand out in a sea of leather jackets with a suede jacket? I bet you will feel cool too!

You will be glad you did!

Now, Go Ahead and Get a Suede Jacket