Three Hats You Need To Spice Up Your Look

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Try Wearing  a Hat

A hat can change your outfit from meh to "Hey Now!". It's an underrated item in your closet. Here are hats to throw on to spice up your look!

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Before we start..

Let's address your question!  Yes, you can wear a hat! It is just a matter of figuring out the style and fit. 

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For Hat People, in-your-face fashion is the name of the game.


A Beret

Trust me, once you try a beret, you will be hooked! I started with a red one and branched out to a bunch of different colors. 

Go with Color!

The one color I don't have is black. Why? I want my beret to stand out. and add a pop of color! 

Get ready to have a collection of berets for all seasons! I think I have about 12 berets in total. I usually get one color in two different tones. 


A Rancher  

This is the style you think of when one thinks of a hat. Right? It is a fun hat to throw on and add something different to your look!

Just like the beret, you can get this hat in different colors. Collect them in a variety of tones to match the seasons.

Go with brands that offer a range of sizes if you are concerned that hats won't fit you,  I understand since I need a larger size as well!


A Beanie

A beanie makes me feel oh so cool!  Plus, it keeps me warm.  I like the ones with a pom-pom.

A beanie also gives off a little street style vibe when worn with leggings! I have about three of these. 

Just try one!

There are so many styles of hats to choose from! So, I am sure that you will find a style that works for you!

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