The Loungewear Pieces You Will Love and Keep Wearing

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We  all bought some loungewear items over the last couple of years. Here are the pieces I still wear and absolutely love. 

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The  central idea with loungewear is comfort.  Items  that are no fuss and feel good on.  Items that are super easy to wear!

"Finding the best loungewear for women is more than just hopping on a trend—it’s about investing in clothing that feels like a respite from the world around us."

The Tank Top/Bra Top

A versatile item is a must have item! Trust me, you will want all the colors!

Item 1 - The Must Have

The cropped style makes it easy to wear at home  or out.  It is a key layering piece! !  I am wearing an xl. 

I the idea is to be able to wear these tops out if you want to!  It just depends  on how you style them.  And, of course, where you are going. 

The Sweat Pants or Shorts

Yeah, you need a comfy and not too sloppy pair. A little upgrade from the sweats of the past. 

Item 2 - It has  always been there

You want your sweat pants to be roomy without  being straight up sloppy. This allows  them to worn to go out! I am wearing an xl. 

The Hoodie, Cardi or Shirt

You need  something for when it is a little chilly or you want to cover up a bit more. 

Item 3 - The Outer  Layer

This  item can be  loose or fitted. It just depends  on the  bottoms and  the look you are going  for! I like having a cropped item and a longer one. 

The Flare Leggings

You need  something for when it is a little chilly or you want to cover up a bit more. 

Item 4 - The flares for the win

I know, you don't think you need these.  You do! They are a bit more sassy than your standard leggings.  They also look great on curves!

Keep What You Love, Filter Out What You Don't 

Final Tip - Wear  What you love

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