How to Wear a  90s Flannel Shirt

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Here are ideas on how to style this comfy item.

Throwing on a plaid button up shirt over anything made it instantly "cooler". Now it is back to make your look not just cooler but also comfy!

First, the easiest way to wear this trend is to think of it as an outer layer. For example, replace your jacket or cardi with a flannel shirt!

Likewise, there are a range of options when it comes to plaid shirts! For example, you can probably find your favorite color combo. I try to stick to the colors I wear most.

Lastly, consider mixing this shirt with a variety of textures and looks. For instance, take a chance and try it faux leather leggings. That will bring an edgy vibe to this cozy piece.

Okay, now you can wear this comfy trend all season long.

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