How to Find the  Ultimate LBD for You


The LBD...

Having what I refer to as closet essentials makes it so much easier to get dressed. An solid LBD is one of those key pieces.

Here's why you want a solid LBD:  When you  arm yourself with key items in your closet, you won’t have to stress about what to wear!

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"The experts we consulted differed on what counted as an LBD, but they universally agreed that it should be a dress that makes you feel like your best self."


A good LBD dress will bring a little "umph" to your look. We aren't talking about a basic black dress here.

The LBD Looks Elevated

So, it better act as an exclamation point when you wear it. Not your everyday boring dress!

Another key quality of an LBD is that it feels dynamite on you.  This may be due to the structure, cut, fit or fabric.


Feels Fantastic  on  You

Look for one that feels like it was made just for you! It exists because you do.

Finally, look for a style that will be timeless.  If you took a picture in your LBD today, right now, would anyone know what year it is?


Considered a Classic

In other words, would it look trendy? Nothing wrong with a trendy LBD. However, you want to have one that you can wear any time or year. A go to dress!

Okay, now let me know your thoughts on your go to LBD!

This Dress

I just love it! I am wearing an xl. 

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