How I Started Shopping For My Size


I hated shopping...

...until a few years ago. I was stuck on the size on the tag. Then, I accepted my size and started loving clothes again.

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What I used to do...

First, this was the cycle I would go through a years ago, before blogging: I would go to a store, scoop up a bunch a clothes that were “my size”, not try them on, and buy them.

Of course, most of the clothes would not fit. I needed to make a change. I needed to shift. 

“Take I had to let go of my obsession with the size on the tag of my clothes"

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What changed

I changed positions to get more of a work-life balance. I could dress more casually. However, I needed to feel comfortable and be able to move.

Buy what fits 

Then, I was at Target (shocking, I know) and just started getting items in xl and even xxl. I tried them on. Not only did the clothes actually fit, but I also felt better.

Buy.  What. Fits.

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