Here's a White Swimsuit for Curvy Girls that Feels Fantastic

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You Can Wear White ... 

A swimsuit is probably the last thing you want to wear when you have curves.  Hear me out! You can wear white and love it.  

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Here some things I look for in a white swimsuit...



Style is first because I don't want a suit that has too much going on. I want my suit to have some simple details.



Next, I want to make sure the swimsuit will provide adequate support. That there is a nice structure to it as white is less forgiving. 



Finally, I look at coverage. I make sure the swimsuit has a enough coverage for my lifestyle. I want it to be a swimsuit that I will actually wear. 

Give it a Try...

These are my tips for scoring a white swimsuit that will work for curves. I didn't figure this out until I tried. So, give it a try. You never know!

Now, Go Ahead  and Get That Swimsuit! You won't regret it.


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