Have Curves? Here is How to Feel Confident


is what I hear often. The assumption is that I shouldn't be confident. Here's how I gained my confidence with curves!

You are so confident...

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"Wherever possible, it's important to quiet those negative thoughts that are providing reasons why you can't do something."

For me, confidence has been the result of doing some work on myself. I broke this work down into three steps: Internal, External, and Everyday Work.

Step 1 The Internal Work

Face the facts. The first thing I needed to do internally was to be honest with myself. I needed to figure out my hang ups - the barriers getting in the way of accepting myself as I am.

How it will be when your future self looks at a picture of you in ten years?  You will probably think you look dynamite, right?  You  would say, "why weren't you accepting yourself then".

In 10  years...

Step 2  The External Work

Movement (almost) everyday. Giving myself time to work on me started with getting in physical activity almost everyday. Any movement for any amount of time I could fit in.

The goal: to give back to my body so that I could show up as my best self. For wellness and more energy- to have more control over my day and ultimately my life.

Step 3  The Everyday Work 

Clean up my habits and messaging. I consider the everyday work to be monitoring my habits and the messages I tell myself. Basically be a positive coach for myself and calling myself out when needed.

So, when they say "you're so confident" you'll say, "why wouldn't I be confident?" as you are doing the work for it!

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