Hate the Gym? Here are Some Tips to Change That

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I’ve gone to the gym on and off. I would be motivated for a season. Then, something would get me off track.. This time, I tried something different and it worked.

It is just hard  to get started...

A Different Way..

I finally found a routine that has helped me be consistent for months! I reduced the friction and removed the  barriers. 

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the only bad workout is the one that didn't happen

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Here is what worked  for me...


Start with Realistic Expectations

I started with a mindset of I just need to get to the gym and build the habit. That meant I could go 20 minutes or 60 minutes. Whatever I could do was good enough.


Find a Routine  You Like

You won’t keep doing things you hate. So, don’t do exercises you loathe. Try different activities until you have a set of ones that you can rotate. It will make a difference..


Like What You are Wearing

If you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, the gym won’t seem as bad.  Find sets that make you feel fantastic when you wear them!

You are Worth it...

Those are my three tips to build momentum to go to the gym consistently. You are worth it and you will be surprised how much easier getting to the gym will become.

Now, Go Ahead  and Get to the Gym! You won't regret it.