How to Create Awesome Content (Without a Photographer)


No Photographer?  No Problem

Here is how you can create content on your own for your blog or social media. No Instagram boyfriend needed.

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That's how often I've used a photographer.  My family was taking most of my photos. But - I needed to more create content. So, I figured out how to take pictures by myself. 

Only once...

"Vlogging, or video blogging, is a way for you to share your life and interests with the world, potentially making money while you do it."

Find spots in your home that have natural light. Use a combination of natural and artificial light. I use a soft box light when the natural light isn't enough. 


Location, Location, Location

Simple backgrounds outdoors with some shade will be easier since you are on your own. Having a simple background with shade will help you get consistent lighting.

Find a spot where there aren't a lot of folks. At the same time, for safety reasons, don't go somewhere that has no one. I like outdoor malls, shopping centers, and downtown areas of cities.


Prep & Plan

The more your prepare for your shoot, the better shots you will get! I batch shoot most of my content. I consider the order of shots too. 


Bring What You Can Actually Shoot

I try to aim for shooting three to four outfits max. I usually only have about two hours. That allows enough time to get pictures and videos of each outfit. 


Have Fun - It's Not That Serious

Finally, enjoy creating content! Keep things light and have fun. It will be a bit awkward when you start. After that, you will be a pro. 

The only drawback is that if you don't like a shot, it is all on you (hahaha)! You can't blame the photographer, boyfriend, friend, or sister!

One More Thing...


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