All Things Red   (And How to Wear Red)



Red is a fun and bold color! It is the hue to wear when you want to take up space. Here is how to splash a bit of it into your wardrobe.

"Color red is passionate, warm, vibrant. It is the color of sexuality, romance, and lust."


A red dress is a bold piece. It makes a statement before you even say anything.  Therefore, you can keep everything else simple.

A Red Dress

For example, you don't need to add a bunch of accessories. Let the dress shine! Don't wear items that will compete with your dress.

Likewise, I like to wear a couple of red pieces. For example, a red top is always good! 


A Red Top

Just add a pair of jeans and a  couple of accessories. 

Also, a pop of color is way to add something visually interesting to an outfit.


A Pop of Red

You can add the  pop of red with  a purse, hat or  shoes.

This Dress

Now go ahead  and  wear  some  RED

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