One color combination that I wear quite a bit is black and white. Although I love to wear color, I am consistently drawn to black and white. This color pairing is my favorite!

Wearing Black and White

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So, let’s get right into the reasons why I like to wear this blend of colors. Then, we can talk about ways to wear this color combination.

About the Combination of Black and White

First, one major reason to wear black and white: it is EASY. A key for me when getting dressed is simplicity. It is hard to go wrong with this combination. This blend of colors always works.

Wearing Black and White

The powerful combination of black and white creates a striking contrast. Both are considered to be the absence of color.

Source: Who What Wear
Wearing Black and White

What do Black and White Symbolize?

Additionally, colors can communicate a feeling. For instance, according a post on Canva, black is associated with being Bold, Sophisticated, and Formal. That sounds interesting, right? However, black can also be linked to Sorrow and Mourning. Before you get weepy, let’s talk about white. In contrast, white symbolizes minimalism and simplicity.

Wearing Black and White

The combination of black and white together is not only visually interesting, it evokes powerful emotions.

If that has not got you sold, maybe why I wear this color pairing will. Next, I rounded up reasons to wear this color combo.

Wearing Black and White

Reasons to Wear Black and White

1. Classic, Sharp, and Modern Look

This is a classic combination. I have mentioned that I look for pieces that I can wear to work and weekend. I talked about this in a previous post here. That is something I can do with my black and white pieces. Also, this blend of colors can grow with me. In other words, these items are ageless.

Wearing Black and White
Wearing Black and White

2. Canvas for Other Colors

If you have been following me for a while, you probably noticed a pattern. I wear black and white, especially stripes, quite a bit. This blend of colors is the perfect canvas for other colors. For example, I will wear black and white with a “pop” of color for visual interest. I talked about adding visual interest with layering in a previous post here. The pops of color can vary from red, blue, and yellow.

Wearing Black and White

You can see that I added a pop of color with both of these outfits. The red purse and shoes adds some color to my dress. I added a cozy blue sweater to my striped skirt for some contrast. The array of prints out there makes it easy to add some color.

Wearing Black and White

3. A Variety of Prints and Patterns

Another reason why I am a fan of this pairing is that is available in a range of prints and patterns. This color combination comes in gingham, stripes, plaid, and polka dots to name a few. So, it does not look like I am wearing the same thing all the time. That means I can wear these pieces more than one season.

Wearing Black and White

4. You Can Wear This Combination All Year

Lastly, black and white wins since I can wear it every season. I just change the way that I wear this combination. For instance, I will go with a gingham dress in the summer and a polka dot dress in the fall. There is so much versatility with this color pairing. So, I know I will get my money’s worth.

Wearing Black and White

Video: Wearing Black and White

I got a quick video

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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