Give me a fun trend, like Tie-Dye, and I will try it! This trend is still going strong but wearing it can go wrong. Here are some ways to wear it.

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The Blazer and Heels are from JustFab. I’m a JustFab partner. All opinions are my own.

1. Wear it with Jeans & a Pop of Color

Adding a pair of jeans works pretty much with anything. So, go ahead try it with your Tie-Dye item too! I would keep the jeans simple and fitted to keep the Tie-Dye as the centerpiece. A little pop of color brings out the color a bit more.

“The most stylish people in fashion are taking tie-dye and running with it.”

Source: Who What Wear

2. Throw a Blazer Over it

I have so many blazers! Here’s why – it’s an easy piece to wear. Also, it immediately elevated an outfit. This will take your Tie-Dye piece from casual to looking put together. I talked about this blazer in another post.

3. Try it in a Pair Shoes or in an Accessory

Think of it as your pop of color. I think this is a fun way to wear this trend. Keep everything else simple.

What Not to Wear with Tie-Dye

Here’s what NOT to wear with it.

No to wearing it in bold colors. I think that that softer pastel like colors give this trend an updated feel. It doesn’t look like you bought it decades ago. I think it makes it have more a chic vibe.

Avoid pairing it with unstructured pieces. This trend is casual and laid back. Add structured pieces like a blazer to dress it up a bit.

Also, do not mix Tie-Dye patterns. Just don’t do it. The patterns will complete with each other and it’s just visually overwhelming!

How are you going to wear this trend? Let me know in the comments below!

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