When you think about winter colors, usually you think about deep reds, greens and black. There are other colors to wear to break things up a bit, like yellow and fuchsia.

Wearing color in the winter
Wearing color in the winter

Last winter, I talked about wearing florals in the winter in a post. Always the rebel, I like to sometimes wear more color in the winter. I do this for a couple of reasons. First, the winter weather can bring your mood down. So, wearing brighter colors is an instant mood booster. Second, I wear color just to be unique (why not, right).

“Whether you simply switch up your scarf or add an element of excitement by way of statement boots, there are countless ways to brighten up your wardrobe this winter.”

Source: Who What Wear

Wearing Yellow

Wearing color in the winter

Yellow is that one color that I love when the shade is right. Also, it is the color that I don’t find enough of in the stores. I rarely sell my yellow clothing items since it is such a fun color.

Wearing color in the winter

Find Your Shade of Yellow

Not all yellows are created equal. Find the shade of yellow that works for your skin tone. For example, I like this marigold yellow. I usually gravitate towards cool shades of yellow. I stay away from more earth tone yellows like mustard. That color doesn’t work for me as well.

Wearing color in the winter

Color Pairings for Yellow: Camel, Animal Print, Gray, White, Navy, Orange

The Feeling Factor

The Intersection Between Style & Psychology

Both of these colors symbolize energy. They are bold and vibrant. Fuchsia brings with it a feminine and confident energy. Yellow conveys optimism and happiness. Therefore, it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you wear these colors. You can just add a pop of color or go all in with these two colors.

Wearing color in the winter
Wearing color in the winter

Dime En Español

Siempre rebelde, a veces me gusta usar más color en invierno. Hago esto por un par de razones. Primero, el clima invernal puede deprimir tu estado de ánimo. Por lo tanto, usar colores más brillantes es puede cambiar tu estado de ánimo. En segundo lugar, uso el color solo para ser diferente (por qué no, correcto).

Wearing Fuchsia

Another color I’m going to bust out this winter is Fuchsia. The thing with Fuchsia is that I don’t own much of it. This color sits right between pink and purple on the color wheel.

Wearing color in the winter

“In color psychology, fuchsia is believed to inspire assurance and assertiveness.”

Source: Canva
Wearing color in the winter

It’s one of those colors that I admired on others. However, I usually don’t find items for myself in that color. Cue this dress! What I like about this dress is that I can layer it with a blazer. Also, it’s one of my favorite necklines, a tie neck!

Color Pairings for Fuchsia: Gray, Animal Print, Black, Camel, White, Navy, Mint

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good! -Vivian

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