Tired of black and the other usual colors this winter? Try winter white to change it up! Here is how to wear it.

This sweater and platforms are from JustFab. I am a JustFab partner.

The winter can be a drag. Nights are long and days are short. Additionally, darker tones are what most people are wearing. A bright winter white is the perfect contrast to all of these low energy vibes. Plus, you know that I just like to be different sometimes! I talked about another color to consider this winter here. Alright, here is how to wear winter white:

This dress, boots, and belt are from Express. I am an Express partner.

Wear white with a neutral

First, pairing winter white with a neutral creates a chic look. A simple a clean outfit. It is definitely an unexpected color palette for winter. Also, this is just such a crisp look!

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Add pops of black to anchor it

Likewise, going with some black is another easy combo. It creates a contrast that is visually interesting. Also, I am sure that you already have black items in your closet. So, it will be easy to find something to wear!

“Not only does a winter white outfit look luxe, but it can also be an instant mood lifter—a welcome change to the black and gray hues we’re so used to gravitating toward throughout the cold-weather season.”

Source: Who What Wear

Go with some denim

Lastly, try winter white with denim. This will add a casual feel to your outfit. Similarly, since it is a casual combo, you are probably more likely to wear it.

Okay, so go and bust out some winter white to beat the cold weather blues!

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