The One Shoulder Style is the Trend to Try

The One Shoulder trend is everywhere! It didn’t seem like it was for me until I figured out how to wear it.
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1. Pair it with a Flowy Piece

Wear your one shoulder top with something less fitted. Whenever one piece is fitted, the other one should be loose. This helps create a balanced silhouette. I have another post with this same idea. Using the fitted-loose rule can help you be more comfortable with trying fitted items. I know that has worked for me. 

2. Keep Everything Else Basic

The One-Shoulder cut is such a visually interesting style! Therefore, you don’t want anything to compete with it. Keeping the rest of the look simple lets the one-shoulder cut standout. Think of it as the focal piece of your outfit. Then build your outfit around it. 

“In addition to luxe dresses and blouses, one-shoulder silhouettes are ideal for a slew of outdoorsy summer activities you have on your agenda.”

The Zoe Report

3. Fit is Important

Fit is always important, right? In this situation, it’s really important. Here is why – This top requires a strapless bra (click the link to see my go to strapless) or convertible bra. So, make sure the top is skimming your frame to provide you with additional support. We do not want a wardrobe malfunction! Right? Likewise, you won’t be able to really see the one shoulder cut if the piece doesn’t fit you correctly. 

As always, you will never know if a style is for you unless you give it a try! As a Midsize and Curvy woman, I truly believe that any trend is game if it feels good when you put it on.  That’s always where I start with an item. Does it feel good? If it doesn’t, then I skip it. 

Alright, your turn, what’s a style you’ve tried that you were surprised worked for you?

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