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There are styles that I am continually drawn to and buy repeatedly. One of those styles is a tie neck top! Every year I buy tie neck tops and dresses. Last fall I took a stand! That sounds more dramatic than what it is. Basically, I decided that I wouldn’tContinue Reading

When it comes to styles of dresses, wrap style is the one I wear the most. In fact, it’s the style that I feature most frequently on the blog. Who What Wear Dress, Size XXL here , Plus || Block Sandals here || What is it about Wrap Dresses? WrapContinue Reading

Skirts, dresses, and even jeans..no problem. Shorts, on the other hand, can be a bit tricky. I found a couple pairs that I really like! Continue Reading

Gingham dress

Every year, I pick up a couple of gingham pieces. I love the classic feel of gingham. It’s a print that reminds me of Spring and Summer. I had to snatch up this dress as soon as I saw it! If I didn’t, I knew I would regret it! WhoContinue Reading