It’s hot outside and you need to wear something for work. Finding summer items that are appropriate for work can be tricky. I rounded some dresses and tips to solve that problem.

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What’s hard about summer work wear is that you can’t wear flip flops and shorts. At the same time, it’s so hot that just thinking about wearing a blazer makes you sweat.

Summer Work Wear

“You want to wear something that’s going to keep you cool during your commute, warm in your freezing office, plus take you from your desk to al fresco drinks—all while sticking to an office dress code.

Source: Elle

You want to look professional while keeping cool. On top of that, you are dealing with drastic temp changes throughout the day. The A/C being blasted inside and the sun beating down once you step outside.

Summer Work Wear

I rounded up some dresses to keep you professional and a few tips for your summer workwear:

Summer Work Wear

1. Stick to Lighter Fabrics

That is is a no brainer. Go with lighter fabrics to keep you cool. That way, you can layer thin cardigan while you are inside. I like linen and cotton items. These dresses are pretty light so I can keep cool.

2. Go with Necklines with Enough Coverage

Opt for necklines that give you coverage without requiring a cami underneath. That way you don’t need to wear two layers since it’s hot. If you notice, this midi dress below has a high neckline. I tucked in the collar to open it up a bit.

3. Opt for Structure and Definition

As usual, structure is your friend! Stretchy cotton dresses may be comfy in the summer. But those typically look less professional. Instead reach for pieces that have some structure to them. All three of these dresses come with plenty of structure.

Summer Work Wear

4. Rethink Your Usual Workwear

I like to try out different items for work since it’s summer. For instance, I have worn my jumpsuit from this previous post to work. It meets all of the criteria I mentioned above! I just added a necklace and light cardigan.

There are also sleeveless tops from Who What Wear that are easy to wear in the summer. I featured some in my Favorite Finds Newsletter. You can sign up for that here.

Summers Work Wear

I like to take those short sleeved button up shirts from this previous post to wear in different ways. For example, I wore one of the shirts underneath a sleeveless dress. Try some new pairings to keep it interesting.

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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