If you know me or have been following me you know that I shop at Target quite a bit! Most of my outfits are from there. So, I rounded up some of my tips to get what you want at Target.

Floral Dress

Who What Wear Tiered Maxi Dress Size XXL , here , Plus|| A New Day Floral Dress, Size XXL here, similar || Ponte Blazer, similar || A New Day Heels here || A New Day Belt here ||

What is it with Target?

Target has established itself as a force in fashion! A story in Best Life mentioned a survey conducted by Market Force Information. This survey indicated that Target tied with Tj Maxx as a favorite value retailer.

“It might sometimes feel like you’re getting deals at Target that are too good to be true, but don’t worry: that’s exactly what the company wants.”

Source: Best Life
Floral Maxi Dress

There are few reasons why I frequent Target. As I mentioned in other posts, my career change meant a change in wardrobe. I used to be in meetings the majority of my day and wore primarily Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and J.Crew.

I needed a wardrobe that was more on the casual side, versatile, and less expensive. I needed items that could dirty. But, I still wanted to look put together and fashion forward. Cue Target!

I switched positions about 4 years ago. I get into my initial experiences shopping at Target in a previous post, How I Started Shopping For My Size. My family needed more time so changed positions and income. There is this idea out there that you cannot look put together with inexpensive clothing. That you somehow look “cheap”. I disagree!

I needed a wardrobe that was more on the casual side, versatile, and less expensive. I needed items that could dirty. But, I still wanted to look put together and fashion forward. Cue Target!

Alright, here are my tips for getting what you want at Target.

1. Not All Targets Are Created Equal

For some reason, the Target closest to me gets in items early. It also carries the brands that I love, Who What Wear and Prologue, in addition to A New Day. I have one other larger one a little farther away that carries even more items. But I have realized that this is not usually the case for everyone!

My advice is to branch out from your local Target to other ones in your area, if possible, Get familiar with which ones carry what. That’s how I determine which one I will visit.

Floral Maxi Dress

2. Send It To The Store

Since I can physically go to the store, I don’t order items online that often. When I do, I use the ship to the store service. This is free so you save on shipping costs. I can also look at the item and see if I need to grab a different size. The associates typically let you look at the item. That way I don’t have to come back again to return it.

3. Don’t Forget The Clearance Area

I have found so many awesome deals by just checking out the clearance racks. There are items that were full price a week ago that then get marked down. You just need to really look through this area since items may be in another size section. Also, don’t rely on the hanger to tell you the size. Look at the tag!

Floral Dress

4. Patience, Patience, Patience

I know it is hard, but listen to me, don’t just buy anything you see at Target. I have learned this the hard way. I’m truly on a budget (remember I changed positions, which means changed incomes) so I can’t buy everything I see. I can only spend so much on clothing a month before guilt sets in! So, I will sometimes go to Target and not leave with any clothing items.

I suggest that you only buy what you are excited about not what just looks a “little cute”. Don’t settle for “meh” just to buy something. Because then you will be upset when good stuff comes in and you bought something already. I get more into this topic in a previous post, How I Avoid Buying Items I Won’t Wear.

5. Check Online On Sundays

Sunday is when you will see the new promotions for the week. Additionally, this is when items that were already in stores may show up online. You can look up an item by store to see if it is in stock. That will help you with Tip #1, figuring out which Targets carry what in your area.

Floral Maxi Dress

6. Yeah, Get A Red Card

I was a bit resistant to getting a RedCard. I am referring to the card connected to your bank, not a credit card. You get 5% off every time you use it. That adds up! Also, you get free two day shipping. That comes in handy as well!

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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  1. Thanks for the target tips, WWW is my favorite fashion line for me as well. I have too many items in my cart. Trying to determine what I need more.

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