I talk a lot about the items I get that are on a budget. However, before I can shop, I need money to actually have a budget, right?


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The pieces I am wearing are an example of the items I have been able to buy with my sales on Poshmark. You can check out my Poshmark here.

Pullover Sweater, Size XL, Similar $27.99  here||Midi Skirt, Size 16, $29.99 here , Plus, $32.99  here|| Belt, Size XL, $16.99 here|| Black Heels, Similar, $29.99  here || 

I have a few ways that help me either generate money to shop or ways to bring the cost down. For this post, I am going get into my experience and how I make money by selling on Poshmark.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark  is an online social marketplace where people can buy and sell clothing from boutiques or their own closets. After launching in 2011, Poshmark has become  a community of five million sellers.

Source: Business Insider


Reselling clothes addresses a couple of things

First, Mom guiltwhen you feel really bad about doing something for yourself. For instance, spending money on clothes for yourself. Second, Spouse guiltwhen you kind of feel bad about spending money but then start to rationalize it to your significant other. Both of these situations lead to you not wanting to spend money on yourself. So, I needed to come up with a solution to empower myself…selling my clothes.


Why I sell on Poshmark

I used to sell on EBay before and it yielded inconsistent results. Sometimes a buyer would say they didn’t receive an item when they did, for example. The buyers could be unpredictable.


So, I needed to come up with a solution…selling my clothes.

In contrast, Poshmark is a community with etiquette and norms. Unlike EBay, the communication is out there for all to see. I’m a year in and haven’t had any problems.

According DMR, a sale is made on Poshmark every second. So, clearly, this is the place to sell your clothes.

Source: DMR

First, I am going to discuss how I decide what to sell. Then, I am will explain the process I go through, from start to finish, when I sell an item. Here is my Poshmark here.

Deciding What to Sell

Here are my tips for figuring out what to sell on Poshmark.

1. Sell what you really loved when you bought it

Make sure you sell something that you would be excited to receive in the mail. You want your buyer to be happy. In other words, don’t sell junk. That leads me right to tip #2…

2. Sell items that are in acceptable condition

Second, if the item looks worn, has a hole in it, or is faded, those are things you can just recycle. Also, I use the clothes that I donate to help me with maintaining a budget for shopping. I will get into that in another post.

3. Don’t sell an essential or really good basic

Next, unless you’ve replaced it with something else or you have something that fits better now, don’t do it! Although those items will sell, basics are versatile and foundational wardrobe pieces. They can be reinvented and worn in different ways. Selling a good basic may be something you will regret.

4. Don’t sell something that you’re going to regret selling

Finally, sometimes I have items that I’m not sure about selling. If I’m on the fence, I do a bit research on how I have worn the item. I might look at my previous blog posts or look through my Instagram feed. If it is something I have worn a lot, it might be time for a refresh. Or, I may decide that I should keep it.


If it is something I have worn a lot, it might be time for a refresh.


The Process

Next up, I’m gonna talk about the process I go through with my Poshmark selling.

1. Make the time

First, you have to ship things out within a couple of days with Poshmark. That means that I need plan out when I have the time to post and sell. The items need to go out promptly. I begin to list items to sell once I got about a few of them.

2. Take clear pictures

Additionally, I take clear pictures of all of my items. These pictures include the tags for the size and the care tag. Then, I try to also find a picture of the item online from the actual store. Finally, if I had a picture from my blog, I will use that as well. That way, the person knows how the item will look on.

3. Package your items the way you would want to receive them

 Poshmark has etiquette for packaging. The packaging should be similar to a gift. This is an expectation for sellers as part of the Poshmark community. My items a packaged with tissue paper and ribbon consistent with my blog aesthetic. My business card is also included to promote my blog.

4. Communicate with the buyer 

Communication is a great way to avoid problems and let your buyers know that you appreciate their business. For instance, I let the buyer know that the item is on its way if it was purchased on the weekend. I leave a comment thanking a buyer when they give me a positive review on Poshmark.

5. Pricing and bundling

Pricing and bundling helped increase my Poshmark sales. I lower my prices in response to the buyers interest. Once I begin to receive offers, I have reached the right price point. In addition to pricing, the other strategy is to sell a set of items together in what Poshmark refers to as a bundle.


The Outcomes

So, I know you want to know how much money I have made selling on Poshmark!!  I actually started this over a year ago in November 2017. Since that time, I’ve sold the equivalent of about $650. And that was with very little effort or stress. Keep in mind I am also going to graduate school, working full time, and managing my family!


Reducing Waste and Feeling Good

What I like about selling my clothes is that besides reducing waste, is that it frees up that precious real estate in my closet. I then have more room in my closet for some new items. Plus, the new owners can style these items in a different way.


Alright, now I want to know will you be selling your clothes?

…Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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  1. Would you clarify how donating your clothing helps budget for shopping. I donate everything and some things are Poshmark worthy.

    1. Author

      Sure, I donate clothes to my local thrift store and get a coupon discount for when I shop next time. Also, I was donating clothing to H&M as part of their recycle program. They would give coupons for a discount in exchange for clothing donations. Thanks for reading the post!

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