Animal Print has become a wardrobe staple for me over the years. It always seems to pop back up in stores every year. This is classic print that can be worn over and over again. I have some ideas on how to scoop up a range of animal print items, depending on your comfort level, while staying on a budget. Of course, these are items that work for curves.


Although I love animal print, all animal prints are not created equal! Things can go south pretty quick with this print if it’s not worn the right way. We have all seen it! It can go from a little sassy to majorly trashy.


Animal print has become a wardrobe staple for me over the years. It always seems to pop back up in stores every year.

So, I rounded up a couple of my tips to help you scoop up some animal prints worthy of your closet space without breaking the bank.


Go for fabrics that are high-quality. This will also ensure that the piece will last longer.


What to look for when buying Animal Print


Quality of the fabric– First, focus on the fabric. Animal print can look really right or really wrong. What I have found is that the quality of the fabric really matters. This isn’t a time to go too budget. Go for fabrics that are high-quality. Additionally, this will ensure that the piece will last longer.

This may mean spending a bit more sometimes to get that quality. However, you can still find something for under $100 like the dresses featured in this post.

Color of the print- Stick to animal prints with neutral colors since it’s already an edgy look. Also, I can wear the item in different ways. For instance, I can pair a beige and brown leopard print with a red top and treat it like a neutral.

Items to try

Accessories- Start with an accessory like a purse, scarf, or belt. I have a leopard print belt and have worn it so many times. I think it adds just enough visual interest and texture (mine is furry) to an outfit. You can see it in a previous post here. A purse is another easy way to try animal print. It adds a little something unexpected to your outfit.


This sequin clutch can be tailored to have animal print look. You just need to move the sequins around to create a faux animal print.

Shoes- Next, after you try an accessory, go for animal print shoes. I own three pairs with animal print. I have a pair of heels that I’ve worn on repeat. You can see those in a post here. I have some flats that I wear pretty much all year. I also have a pair of boots in animal print. You can see those in a post here. All of these pairs are from budget friendly stores such as DSW and Target.


A Skirt- Then, consider an animal print skirt. I had an animal print pencil skirt years ago. I wore that item into the ground since it was so versatile. It looked great with a basic sweater or a tee under a denim jacket.

A Dress – Finally, you can’t go wrong will an animal print dress that fits well. I currently have three of them in my closet. One is from a previous post that you can find here. I just got these other two dresses. Which brings me to…

The Dresses


I went shopping at Zara for the first time and got this dress. You can see my quick vertical video about my first Zara shopping trip at the end of this post. What I like about this animal print dress is that the cut simple. It’s fitted without being too tight. I see this as more of a weekend dress.

The other dress is from Who What Wear. Absolutely love this shift style dress! It is styled with a belt here but it can definitely worn without one. The tie neck detail adds a little something different. I can see myself wearing this without a belt with a blazer and tights. Since animal print can be a bit busy, I kept my shoes simple.


Zara Animal Print Dress, $69, Size XXL Here|| Who What Wear Dress, $34.99, Size XL Here, Plus|| Black Heels Here || Sequin Clutch Here||

The Video: Shopping with Curves – A Trip to Zara

Below is a video from my IGTV about my first shopping trip to Zara. I was hesitant to go to this store due to their sizing. So, I tried on a few items and ended up discovering this animal print dress. This dress fit and I knew that I would actually wear it.

Shopping with Curves: A Trip to Zara

IGTV Video

Animal Print on a Budget

IGTV Video

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