One style that I always go back to are A-Line skirts. I love this skirt style for a variety of reasons. It can be worn year-round by just changing up how you style it. Likewise, an A-line skirt looks polished without a lot of effort. We want to take the guesswork out of putting an outfit together, right?

A-Line Skirt

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Why it is called A-line?

First, let’s get in to how this skirt got its name. An A-line skirt style is fitted at your natural waist. It then goes out wider towards the hem. This creates a silhouette that resembles the shape of a capital letter A; hence why it is called an “A-line” skirt.

Did you know that the A-line style is considering to be flattering on all body types? A story on Huff Post described A-line skirts as being the perfect style for every woman.

Source: Huff Post
A-Line Skirts

I agree! A-Line skirts and dresses dominate my closet and blog posts. I hang on to this wardrobe staple and usually don’t resell it. Here’s why:

Wearing A-Line Skirts Year-Round

I put away items when I am transitioning my wardrobe from one season to the next. For instance, I store away my summer items once fall arrives. I talk more about how I combine spring with summer and fall with winter items in a previous post here. My season combinations are how I determine what to take out and store. However, most of my A-line skirts and dresses stay out all year. These pieces have become wardrobe staples season to season for me. I just style my A-line skirts in different ways.

A-line skirt

It can be worn year-round by just changing up how you style it.

Styling A-Line Skirts Spring and Summer

A-line dresses and skirts are on repeat the second spring arrives. I wear these skirts with simple tops, sleeveless shell and tees. Throw on a cardigan for those places blasting the A/C and done! Additionally, a cardigan can also bring a little preppy feel. Adding unique or colorful accessories can bring the outfit together.

A-Line Skirt

Styling A-Line Skirts Fall and Winter

A-line skirts and dresses are super easy to layer up during the fall and winter months. It just requires rethinking how to wear them during the cooler months. I mentioned in a previous post that you can pair a skirt with a turtleneck. Also, it can also be layered under an A-line dress.

Likewise, a slouchy sweater can work as well. This is something I have been trying this season and loving! This is a fun way to create unique outfits and get the most out of those pieces. For example, just do a half tuck in the front when you wear a slouchy sweater with an A-line skirt. That way you don’t loose the silhouette.

A-Line Skirt

Lastly, I add a pair of tights in the winter. I go with black tights to keep it simple. Tights keep you warm and allow for some versatility.

A-line skirt

You will be buying this skirt style on repeat once you find the right length.

Your A-line Skirt Length

Next, let’s talk about length. I tend to buy skirts that are midi length so that I can wear them to work. My advice is to play around with different lengths to find your comfort level. For instance, if you are petite, you may want a shorter length. In contrast, if you are not comfortable showing your legs too much, then opt for a midi length. You will be buying this skirt style on repeat once you find the right length.

A-line skirt

These skirts usually sell out quick in the straight sizes. I will be updating links periodically.

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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