Skirts, dresses, and even problem. Shorts, on the other hand, can be a bit tricky. I found a couple that I really like. So, I figured that I should share what I look for when buying a pair.


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Jean shorts have evolved over the years from a classic beach cover up to a Summer staple you can wear almost everywhere.

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Shorts: Not Everyone is a Fan

So let’s first get into the relationship most women have with this item. Spoiler alert – it is not a good one. What’s funny is that when I was looking for a story on wearing shorts for women, only a few sources popped up. Conversely, when I searched for women not wearing shorts, I found twice as many sources.


I understand that some women just prefer not to show their legs with dresses, skirts or shorts. However, there are some women, including myself, who just find it hard to get a pair with the right fit. This is especially an issue if you have curves! Cue these shorts.

Shopping for Shorts Tips

These two pairs from Target have a few things in common. Basically what I look for when I am shopping for a pair. So, I rounded my tips for finding shorts that you won’t be avoiding when it heats up!


1. Structure

As usual, structure takes center stage when it comes to shorts. The fabric and cut contributes to the structure. This is the same idea I mentioned in a previous post, A Jumpsuit for Curves. For instance, both of these pairs have a built-in tie waist. That allows for cinching a the waist.


2. Higher Rise

Gone are the days of those low rise shorts if you have curves or if you simply want coverage. I like mine to be at least a mid to high rise. That way they don’t slide down if I bend over. Also, a higher rise is generally more flattering.

3. The Right Hem Length

Next, length matters. I remember that I used to wear a Bermuda style pair from Express when I was in college. Although the length does matter, we don’t need our shorts to be THAT long. I go for a length that hits mid-thigh. I find that to be a length that is flattering and comfy.


Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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