I had my choker necklace on, a pair of flared jeans, a tee, a high pony tail, and dark lip liner with nude lip gloss. I was on the hunt for something to wear to go out. If I needed to alter the item, no problem. I could make it work….

That was me in high school (in case you were concerned about the pony tail and lip liner circa 90s), which was the last time I went thrift shopping. I find that I cycle back to certain aspects of myself that remain true.  Besides trying to channel Janet Jackson, I had the same mission I have today: to have a style that expresses who I am.  Given that my blog is about style on a budget, I decided to give a thrifting whirl again. Here’s a round-up of my thrifted finds and shopping tips.


Skirts Similar , Similar || Gray Top Here || Chambray Shirt Here||Tie Neck Top Similar  , Similar-Plus||  Silky Top Similar  , Similar-Plus|| Jeans Here || Slip Dress Similar  ,  Similar || Tunic Top  Here || Belt Here||

Alright, so thrifting… I need to first admit that I was a bit skeptical about it as an adult. First, my shopping standards as 16 year-old were a lot different. I would just get creative and cut a shirt up in high school. Now, I am aware of how a piece fits and if it makes sense given my current wardrobe.  Dressing for curves can narrow also my options down. I just didn’t think it was going for me now.  Until… Cue my 16 year-old.


Interestingly, my teenage daughter was who indirectly got me back into thrifting. She’s pretty creative and has a unique style. I’ve been her ride to different thrift shops. After a couple of visits and seeing what she found, I decided to give thrifting a try again. The original intention of my blog was to Mix It Up when getting dressed. So, doing some thrift shopping made sense.


I’m so glad that I did check it out! I found some unique pieces that bring some new life to my wardrobe. Isn’t that what we are all wanting? Also, the price is right when it comes to thrifting.

Thrifting can take some time (or at least it does for me).  So, I put together a few of my tips that increase my efficiency when thrift shopping. If you are like me, time is always limited.


What I look for –  I have had the most luck in the skirts and blouse area. I always check the dresses too. I even check the sleep wear area as you can find some camisoles or gowns. Thinking outside the box (something I do often) can result in finding a dynamite piece. I think of thrifting as another opportunity to be original, a little creative rebellion.

What I stay away from  – I don’t do pants or jeans. Not because I don’t think I can find something, I just don’t have the time to try on those items.  Plus, pants can be tricky for curves. I don’t want to mess up my positive thrifting vibes with try on fails.

Where I go – The one store I have been going to is Savers. This thrift shop seems to be pretty organized. I would say that my local Savers is better kept than some department stores. Also, I prefer a standard, non-trendy, thrift store. The stores that are considered to be “cool” seem to have higher prices. That’s “uncool” and takes some of the fun out of thrifting.

What to expect – One of my friends told me that thrifting requires patience. She was right! Once you know what sections to go to, the search is on! Give yourself time so you can browse through the racks. I have seen some pieces from brands like Ann Taylor, Forever 21, H & M, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, and The Limited. Think of all of the gems you can find from those brands.

Bonus – You can feel good when you thrift. The added bonus with thrifting is that you are contributing to the reduction in waste by reusing items. Use that line when your significant other questions your shopping. You’re welcome.


I found some unique pieces that bring some new life to my wardrobe. Isn’t that what we all want?

Let’s talk about what I purchased. I bought an array of thrifted items. Since these are one of a kind pieces,  I can’t link them. But…I did link some similar items and the other pieces in my outfits at the end.

First up are the skirts that I found. These two skirts are feminine and whimsical.  Just love them! I can see myself wearing both of these skirts in different ways in the future. I paired the watercolor skirt with a Who What Wear top and purse. The chambray shirt and purse that I wore with the white tulle skirt is also from Who What Wear. The white tulle skirt was $6.00 and the watercolor skirt was $3.50. Crazy, right?


I think of thrifting as another opportunity to be original, a little creative rebellion. 


Let’s continue…I found a couple of tops as well. So funny, both of the tops have a tie neck. I got one of those tops pictured here. I just love the blush color of this top. It can be dressed up or down. The wear for work and weekend boxes are checked! Got it on with my Diane Gilman jeans. This top was $3.50.


Lastly, I found this dress and I think that it is so sassy. I bought it two weeks ago and have already worn it twice. I found this gem in the sleep wear section. I just wear it as a slip dress. It has adjustable straps and is so comfortable. I threw a Who What Wear tunic over it with a Target belt and done! I have also worn it with a denim shirt tied around my  waist. This dress was $3.50.


Here’s a video clip of this outfit from my IGTV

The Tunic Top…That I am Loving

Vertical Video

As promised, here are the links to items I am wearing and similar items:

If you do decide to go thrifting or have been doing it for a while, let me know! Share your tips in the comments.

…Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!

– Vivian

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  1. I thrift fairly often but you are correct in that it is time consuming. Savers and Goodwill tend to be the biggest and most organized in my area. I do look for jeans when I am shopping because I wear them at work and in my free time. My best thrifting score was a LOFT sweater in my size with the tags still on that I actually had in my online cart about a month previous but didn’t purchase, glad I didn’t!

    1. You scored big time on that find! Yes, you need to have time to thrift. I haven’t tried the Goodwill lately. Thanks for reading my blog!

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