Fashion Nova Curve

The great thing about trying new brands is that you never know if you will like them. I recently checked out the Fashion Nova Curve line. There are a few styles that I am loving.

Fashion Nova Curve

Let’s talk a bit about Fast Fashion such as H&M, Zara, and Forever 21. The options for curves and plus size can be limited or you have to primarily shop online. That makes it hard to figure out the right fit.

But… if you can get passed the racy stuff, there are some items that work well for curves.

The other issue is that plus and curve options are usually more expensive. I found that Fashion Nova’s Curve line had a lot of options for curves AND they didn’t hike up the price.

I’m a woman over 35 and I’m not heading out to a night club anytime. So, I’m not this brand’s target demographic. But… if you can get passed the racy stuff, there are some items that work well for curves. Alright, here are the Fashion Nova Curves items I think are worth checking out:


Fashion Nova Curve

I like a top that I can pair with jeans for the weekend or a date night. I found a few of those tops from Fashion Nova that fit perfectly. This wrap style top looks chic and is comfy.

Fashion Nova Curve


I just started getting back into bodysuits. I talked about this new love affair in a previous post here. The Fashion Nova Curve bodysuits are my absolute favorite. I got this white top, black top, and a cream top. I am wearing a size 1x.

Fashion Nova Curve

The Feeling Factor

The Intersection Between Style & Psychology

I’m too…old, big, or whatever to wear something. These are the barriers that get in the way of us trying something new. Again, if something fits AND you feel dynamite in it, then wear it. I feel great in these Fashion Nova Curve pieces. So, I will wear them. Feeling good in what you are wearing uplifts your mood and can propel you through your day.

Fashion Nova Curve


Fashion Nova Curve

Okay, my other Fashion Nova Curve favorite are their jeans! I have the Luxe Glam High Waist jeans in a 1x and absolutely love them. My advice is to be a patient with their jean sizing. I tried on multiple pairs that were the same size but they didn’t fit me the same way.

Dime En Español

“¿Por qué no?” ¡Es lo que digo cuando se trata de probar cosas nuevas! Siempre es un proyecto encontrar jeans para Curves que sean económicos. Ok, obviamente tengo más de 35 años, así que no voy a un club todos los fines de semana (si es así, ¡más poder para ti chica!) Ir a una clase de Zumba es lo más cercano que estoy yendo a un club en estos días, así que me desplacé más allá de esa parte del la pagina de internet.

De todos modos, ¡me gusta el ajuste de algunos de sus jeans de cintura alta! Son cómodos, tan cómodos que olvido que lo tenia puesto jeans.

Dresses and Sets

Fashion Nova Curve
Fashion Nova Curve

You know that I like dresses! Turns out I like sets too. This all black top and skirt set felt great on. I went up a couple of sizes on this set. I’m wearing a 3x.

Their stretchy tank top dresses were another thing I liked. I usually get a 1x. You can a similar one here.

Their dresses are stretchy and hug the right spots. I paired one of their dresses with a denim jacket and sneakers for a more casual look. I can wear it to be with my family on the weekends too (my little guy has perfect timing).

Fashion Nova Curve

This floral maxi dress is a favorite! I like that it’s a wrap style. I’m wearing a 1x. You can get it here and a similar one here.

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good! -Vivian

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