Making time for creating can be tough. At the same, creating is important. I’m sharing my tips on how to squeeze in time to blog or create.


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We can do more than one thing. I believe that you just need to figure out how. This is especially important if one of your goals requires a lot of your time like a career, having a family, being involved in a healthy relationship, or graduate school.


You might be multi-passionate and think that you can only stick to one path.

Although I am a school psychologist, I always had aspirations to pursue my doctorate in education. I was able to start going to school in fall 2017 to make that a reality.  Even though I was excited to get going on that goal, I was worried about how I would be able to continue blogging. So I had to really decide if I wanted to blog and how to fit it in. So far, I am a year in and still blogging. In fact, I think I have gotten smarter about how I create content for my blog.

“How do you have time to do that? I barely have time to get anything done.” This is usually what I hear when I mention that I have a blog. This comment is sometimes the follow-up to the puzzled look that I mentioned in the previous post, What Blogging Has Taught Me. But that’s ok. I sincerely believe that folks are curious about how I fit in blogging (along with wondering why I am doing it).  My typical response has been that blogging is my “creative outlet” and “something to relieve stress”. Then I just move on.

After I reflected a bit, I realized that my short response was due to my lack of awareness of my own blogging process. So, I wrote this post for a few reasons. I chose this post topic so I can have a better response when I am asked how I blog. Second, so I can identify what is working for me. Lastly, maybe my insights will help anyone who has been thinking about how to fit in blogging or creating.

Who_What _Wear_Skirt

After I reflected a bit, I realized that my short response was due to my lack of awareness of my own blogging process.

Alright, I rounded up my tips on how I drilled down my blogging routine to fit into to my busy life:

1. Make the “why” as clear as possible. – Okay, I know that you are hearing about the “why” every five seconds. However, hear me out, I do think there is some truth that concept.  Creating should be something that is for you and not anyone else. Your reasons why will drive the type of content you will create, right? Also, you will be more likely to be reflective if your content is something that holds personal meaning. Likewise, I believe that having an awareness of your intentions behind blogging will help you to stay consistent.

2. Committing to what you can do consistently.- Blogging or creating shouldn’t feel like a chore. If you follow my Instagram, you will notice that I have decreased how often I post. When I first started blogging, I was posting at least once a day. Then, at one point, I was posting twice a day along with a few Instagram Stories.  It began feel forced and inauthentic. Plus, my little family was super over it! So I stopped that! Now, I post every couple of days. I post a story about once a day or every couple of days. Same goes for my blog. Instead of just tossing up an outfit post three times a week, I post about once a week. That’s given me time to write posts that consist of more thought and ideas in them. Plus, then I have time spread my content out over my social media platforms in a more intentional way. So much better than the stress-fest posting daily created.

Having somewhat of a plan related to my content, connecting with readers, and finding sources for inspiration has also helped. I will get into those topics in another post.

Who_What _Wear_Skirt

3. Something else has to go.- I am not referring to goals or aspirations. I am talking about other things that can fill up your schedule. For me, I keep my social circle pretty small and focus on my family. My best friend is my sister so that makes it easy. My creative sister and teenager take my pictures. That makes the blogging shoots double as social time for us. That gives us a chance to get some coffee or a bite to eat.

Similarly, I rarely sit and watch TV. The only TV show I keep up with right now is “This Is Us”. Absolutely love that show! I joke that my husband reminds me of Jack (without the alcoholism and house fire). My other forms of entertainment come from the podcasts I listen to while I drive, cook, or get ready.

4. Know what you can do well. – In other words, know thy self. I stick to what I know I can do and with the resources I have to do it well.  For instance, although I have created video clips to accompany my posts, I have not made long form videos. I don’t have the resources to create YouTube videos right now, so I don’t do that. If I did, I still would not have the time to develop my skills to create engaging long form video content. So, I put my energy into what is possible right now instead.

5. Create a routine that includes time for blogging. – I once had a professor who said, “it is not what you say, it is what you do”.  This could be a quote from someone else, I will go with my professor for now. Anyway, make blogging part of what you do. Set up routines so that you can sustain your blogging projects and plan your time. I think this is one of the main reasons I have still have found time to blog. This is my routine:

Who_What _Wear_Skirt
  • Mornings: I wake up (not get up out of bed -those are two different things, right?) about a half hour earlier each morning to do something associated with my blog. It may be engaging with others on social media or posting something that I already had cued up.
  • After work: If I have class, I might take a moment before class in my car to work on some of my content. I might edit or write notes down for a post idea. If I don’t have class, I get my mom responsibilities done first (homework, cooking, endless piles of laundry to fold). Once my son is in bed and if I don’t have my own homework to finish, I work on my blog.
  • During the weekends: I still put in some time every morning and evening for blogging on Saturdays and Sundays.  The weekends are a bit trickier as it depends on what my family has going on, where I am at with homework, and if anyone is available to do pictures. I don’t take blogging pictures every weekend. That would drive my family crazy. Instead, I have a day to create content. I will get into that more in another post.
Who_What _Wear_Skirt

Where I went and what I’m wearing: 

I headed out to Silver Lake in Los Angeles with my sister. She always knows about the coolest places for pictures. She hits up a lot more interesting places like this ice cream shop called The Milk Shop .

I mixed prints and texture with this outfit. I like pairing stripes up with floral prints for something interesting. So many ways to wear a striped tee. I feel like it always looks so chic! This skirt is comfortable and since it is black with floral, it will work for fall and winter. I added a leather jacket for some texture. I have had this jacket forever! I have to remind myself to put it on. I am going to challenge myself to wear it with more outfits this fall and winter. That will make for a fun post!

Who What Wear Skirt Size 16 Here , Plus|| Blank NYC Leather Jacket  Similar, Extended Size|| Old Navy Striped Tee  Similar|| A New Day Heels Here||

These blogging ideas can apply to pretty much anything else that you want to incorporate into your life.  At the end of the day, it’s really about making time for you. Making a plan so that the time is possible. We need to make time for something that fills our cups up so that we can give to others.

I am always open to hearing about ways to get better on juggling blogging with everything else! What are your routines? Share your ideas in the comments.  We are all in this together!

…Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!


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