Although I like the idea of layering, it can add volume to my outfit. Volume belongs in our hair, not our outfit, right? Anyway, I wanted to share my take on layering for curves.


The weather is cooler and we are done with the heat. It’s time to bundle up and layer our outfits. So layering…I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the way it can add interest to an outfit. But then I hate how it can look bulky and feel uncomfortable. I need to be able to move!


If I’m not worried about freezing (I live in the greater Los Angeles area so it doesn’t get too cold around here), I take a different approach to layering. I guess you can call these my layering hacks. Instead of layering my clothes, I focus on adding visual interest through texture and balance to my outfit, like I did here.

Let’s deconstruct this outfit and talk about how I use different elements to layer:


1. Wear my coat over my shoulders. I like wearing my coat this way since it doesn’t add too much bulk. Plus, it looks great with a dress. I wore it with a top and skirt in a previous blog post, How to Make Time For Blogging or Creating .

A little disclaimer: I like to research my blog topics before I write them. I always find additional ways to explain my topic and what’s out there. Apparently, wearing your coat over your shoulders eternally annoys some people. I know, weird, anyway, I’m still going to wear it that way. Just a heads up if your friends and family are part of that group! Back to the post…


Instead of layering my clothes, I focus on adding visual interest through texture and balance to my outfit, like I did here.


2. Add accessories or shoes with texture. I like adding something with some faux fur or quilted texture. In addition to a fun print, these boots add some texture to this dress. I will sometimes add a pair boots or a purse for some texture. I also may put on some tights for texture (and to keep me warm). Tights also create a clean silhouette and always look so sleek. I will have posts with tights coming up!

3. Combine different fabrics and elements for balance. I like to also contrast fabrics when I layer. For instance, this dress has a soft satin feel to it. In contrast, this coat has a hard wool texture to it. This dress is flowy while the coat heavier with less movement. The boxy purse with the chain strap bring additional interesting elements to the outfit.


Midi Dress Size XXL here , plus|| Coat similar, similar , similar || Boots here ||Purse here||


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… Because getting dressed and (living life) should feel good!


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