There are so many different ways to wear Retro styles. I’ve found some styles that always make me feel dynamite. I get into all things Retro in this episode!


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There are times when I feel like I am in a major style rut. What I end up doing to get myself back on track is to just check out Retro styles. As a result, I got curious what is Retro? What does it mean style wise and where you can find it.


A bit about Retro

I did a bit of research on what “Retro” means. For me, I immediately think of Joan from Mad Men. What I found is that it refers to a style that is interpreting the style from an era. It is the idea of “fashion in retrograde”.

“The fashion meaning of retro, first applied to clothes in the 1970s, refers to styles that are either copied or adapted from earlier periods.”

Source: Love To Know

Likewise, one thing I discovered that Retro is not necessarily vintage. Did you know that? Vintage is an item from an era in the past. In contrast, Retro can be a new item that is a nod to an era of the past.

It is relative

When I asked my teenage daughter what does Retro mean to her. She went on to talk about items from the 80s. I was like wait, “that’s when I grew up”. What I found is that Retro cam be any era.


The Styles I Love

Therefore, this means that you can take your pick of what you like from each era. I’ll take a dash of 60s dresses, a bit of the 70s flare jeans, a little neon from the 80s and the hoops from the 90s. Here my picks from different eras:

A Pencil Skirt Style

This is definitely my go to style. I always feel dynamite in these skirts. As long as it is comfortable, I am in!


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A Midi Skirt or Dress

Next, this is a style that looks good on pretty much everyone. Add a belt to cinch and the waist. So good! I think just watch where the skirt hem falls.


Dime En Español

Investigué un poco sobre lo que significa el estilo “retro”. Para mí, inmediatamente pienso en el personaje “Joan” de Mad Men. Lo que descubrí es que se refiere a un estilo que está interpretando el estilo de una época. Es la idea de “moda en retroceso”.


Other Retro Styles I’m Into:

  • Flare Jeans
  • A Pair of Hoops
  • Oversized Sunglasses
  • Platform Heels
  • Off of the Shoulder Styles

Make the rest of the outfit simple

Additionally, you can go with polka dot prints like I did in this post. Be careful with patterns and colors. I think you don’t want to get patterns that are too crazy. Otherwise, you could look like your wearing a costume. I keep the rest of my look a little more modern. The rest of the items in the outfit should be simple. That way, nothing is competing with the retro items.

A Pair of Hoops

Where to Get Inspiration

You know that I am a fan of Pinterest. That’s where I find a lot of my style inspiration. For example, you can just look up Retro style on Pinterest and get a ton of ideas. I’m so into this that I have a board dedicated to that style.

A Pair of Oversized Sunglasses

Where to Find Items

I’ve found a few retro items on Amazon. I am an Amazon Influencer – so if you do click on an item, it’s an affiliate link. Full disclosure on that. I find items at Target as well. Although, I personally have not found retro items when thrifting, this can be good place to find items. However, be careful with the pricing of items in those trendy vintage stores.

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