Last spring was tough! Some things I did worked. Some really didn’t. Here’s my back to school plan.

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Big deep breath, we can do this. I don’t know about you.. for me, last spring was a season of learning as a person and a parent. I was overwhelmed. I tried to do everything and had unrealistic expectations of myself.

Avoid burnout by setting realistic expectations and giving yourself grace if you can’t meet them.

Source: Child Mind Institute
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There are still so many things we can’t control as we move through a difficult time. However, I know that I can control my reactions and behaviors. Just like what was mentioned in another episode, there is power in creating your own plan. So, I wanted to sit and think through a game plan this year. Here is the plan:

Get Up Earlier

This isn’t a shocking revelation. It does, however, make a difference and sets the tone for the day. This gives me a little bit of time to collect my thoughts. It’s an opportunity for stillness since it’s quiet. Also, when I get up as if I need time to drive, it gives me a sense of normalcy.

Have a Routine But Be Flexible

What we learned last spring is that things can go not as expected. It might need to change things up. So, instead, it’s about having an idea a plan everyday. Cut the day into thirds and focus on what I can do during that time. For example, from morning to mid-morning. That makes things feel more doable. It’s similar to creating short-term goals.

Forgive Myself Now

There is a “flow” to the school year, every year. This year will have that same feeling. So, we can count on some fatigue once October and November rolls around. We know there will be some bumps in the road. Might as well accept that, plan, and praise myself for getting through it. Some days are not going to go as planned. This has always been the case.

Connect with Others More

We can’t see folks in person as much. However, you can pick up the phone. I’ve been calling friends to catch up and laugh about whatever. Honestly, I haven’t been the best “friend” the last three years because of graduate school. Now, I can re-connect with folks!

Planning Just for Now

I set up my son’s school area and mine nearby. However, I might need to change that if it’s not working. So, not being rigid about the arrangement. We have this idea that we have more time as we work from home. The thing is, since everything is overlapping, I feel like I have less time.

Physical Activity – Always a Good Idea

Of course, the plan includes trying to get some physical activity. That’s always a good idea to keep stress levels under control.

If you notice, everything here is about what I am going to do. I’m not focusing on what everyone else will be doing. Just a check-in with myself!

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