I’ve been keeping up blogging for awhile now. There are a few free tools I use to create while managing other responsibilities. I get into that in Episode 65: My Top 5 (Free) Blogging and Content Creation Tools.


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Some people will ask me how do I have time to create for the blog and podcast. I talked about how I make time to blog here and starting a podcast here. The thing is that I don’t have a lot of time! Once you become an adult (or you’re perceived as being one), you just have less time. Also, I noticed you have less stretches of time. However, maintaining my goal to blog and create fills up my cup. So, I’ve found ways to keep it up.

It turns out that there’s a wealth of scientific research into how goal-setting changes the way you brain functions. That research also provides guidance on how to make goal-setting vastly more effective.

Source: Inc Magazine

Instead of stretches of time you have little spurts. Little pockets of time. One thing I learned in graduate school from a professor was how to work in spurts. Basically what you do is expect to only have a bit of time to work. So, when you need to stop, you make a note to yourself in brackets on what you were thinking and going to do next. For instance, if I had to stop writing this post midway through to go tend to something else, I would make a note for myself like this [GOING TO MENTION TOOLS I USE NEXT].


In addition to that tip, the tools I’m going to talk about help me work in spurts. Best part is that they are free!

Tool #1 The Notes App

The Notes app on the iPhone is my go to for creating content. I jot down topics and write captions here. Likewise, I add ideas on color combinations and outfits. Sometimes I just right random thoughts that turn into posts later on.


Tool #2 Pinterest

Pinterest is still a spot that inspires me. I like it for color combinations. It’s also a great place to find ideas for blog topics. You can find good quotes here too. Most of my quotes are from Pinterest.

Tool #3 A Journal

This tool is something I’ve done on and off over the years. I was journaling when I first starting blogging. Then I stopped once I went to grad school. I was working on my doctorate so the dissertation became my journal! Anyway, I’m back into again. Below are some journals that could work.


When I journal, I use two pages. The left page is for notes. The right page is for me to write bullet points that can go in a blog post. It helps me get organized and create coherent posts. Additionally, I sometimes have an idea but it’s not fully formed yet. I just write it down and move on. You can go back to this thought later.

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Tool #4 Internet

Next, I would say is the internet. This a treasure chest of free info! There’s so much free information on how to blog, podcast, take pictures, and promote your content. I’ve really tried to be a student of content creation as much as possible. That’s helped me learn how to more structured, creative and how just push myself more.


I consume content on blogging, content creation, podcasting, business, and women in business. Also, podcasts are passive consumption of information so I can do other stuff while I listen. Similarly, YouTube also has a variety of videos on content creation. Other blogs also have helpful information on creating.


One thing – although I rely on the internet to develop my skills, I’m not on social media constantly. For example, I’m on Facebook but I don’t post on personal page that much. I do participate in Facebook groups on topics of interest and have learned a lot as a result. I post on instagram about 5-6 times a week. I spend time engaging on Instagram in spurts. This helps me stay balanced. Also, I think focusing on what I am creating has assisted me in not comparing myself to others.


Dime En Español

Algunas personas me preguntarán cómo tengo tiempo para crear para el blog y el podcast. A decir verdad, ¡realmente no tengo tiempo! Cuando eres un adulto (o se te percibe como tal), simplemente tienes menos tiempo. Además, noté que tienes menos bloques de tiempo continuo.

Here are the Resources I use on the Internet

Podcasts: The Influencer Podcast, The Goal Digger Podcast, and ProBlogger Podcast

YouTube: GaryVee (He can be a bit intense but does make good points) and FohrCast (formerly Drink With James)

Bloglovin: This is an app and site that lets you follow blogs all in one spot. You get emails with round ups from the latest posts from the blogs you follow. It helps me get an overview of what topics other bloggers are writing about as well.

Google Alerts: I heard this from a gal who specialized in public relations. She mentioned that you can set alerts on Google. For instance, you pick a keyword or phrase like blogging. Create an alert. Then you get a round up on sites that include this topic sent to your email inbox. For example, I have an alert for “plussize”. I’ve found some of best pieces and writers on this topic through my alert. It’s helped me generate ideas for blog topics.

The Feeling Factor

The Intersection Between Style & Psychology

Keeping a commitment to yourself brings a sense of accomplishment. It brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Did you know that achieving a goal, like keeping up blogging or creating changes the way your brain functions? What matters is that the goal or target is meaningful to you.

Tool #5 People

This is a no-brainer but often underutilized- talking to people. I talk to my sister a lot and friends about topics I’m considering. You have people who know you really well and will tell you if something is stupid. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t pursue the topic, it just helps me flesh it out. Choose wisely who you’re sharing this with – some people don’t get blogging so they won’t be helpful. Also, for me, a lot of my friends are consuming my content so it’s good to hear their thoughts sometimes. You want to create content that serves your readers on some level. It also helps my firm up an idea. Sometimes I’m really just thinking out loud when I talk about an idea with my sister or husband.

I also like to talk to strangers sometimes. I’ve been able to learn about challenge (style, life) others have. Always the psychologist! Anyway, I can propose ideas solve these problems through my content.

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