I started blogging at 40 to have something just for me. A space to express myself. Now, four years later, my blog is more than that. I get into that in Episode 62: Why I’m Still Blogging and Creating (and You Should Too) of the Don’t Mix In Podcast.


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I wrote a post two years ago on what blogging taught me. You can read it here. At the time, I was reflecting on how despite others not understanding why I was blogging, I kept doing it.


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Blogging was Something Just for Me

When I first started creating content on my blog, it was about having something just for me. I wanted something that was completely different from any other role I occupied in my life. I had no expectations.


Blogging was my Form of Self-Care

Additionally, I had no goals or pressure attached to blogging. My only objective was to create and enjoy the process. Now, I’ve added podcasting to the mix (pun intended) with Don’t Mix In . I’m interviewing individuals who can share more stories and insights. I’ve been more driven by the sense of community facilitated by blogging, podcasting, and creating.


It’s the process the generates the joy.

In addition to wanting a space to express other facets of myself, blogging has been a form of self-care for me. As women, we are socialized to put ourselves last. Blogging has been a way to focus on something that was just for me. It is work and takes time. But, it is good work that is completely different than anything else in my life. I pushes me to continue to learn, research topics, and connect with others. Also, I went at my own pace over the four years. If I needed to dial it back, I did. If I needed a break, I took one. Those breaks gave me a chance to reflect and recharge. It’s the process the generates the joy. I talked about how I made time for blogging in a previous post here.


Community -The idea that you “see” me and I “see” you.

I feel that I’ve gone from developing a space for me – to a space to share and connect. The idea that you “see” me and I “see” you. I love that! A space where I could build community with other women who want to be heard. Women who maybe relate to me due to age, size, race, energy, or interests and want to be seen. This could be through connecting with other bloggers, readers, or researching topics that matter. As Dr.Reggie Melrose stated in Episode 61 of the Don’t Mix In Podcast (have you listened it?), “we heal in community”.


Dime En Español

Además de querer un espacio para expresar otras facetas de mí mismo, bloguear ha sido una forma de autocuidado para mí. Es trabajo y lleva tiempo. Pero, es un buen trabajo que es completamente diferente a cualquier otra cosa en mi vida. Me empuja a seguir aprendiendo, investigando temas y conectando con otros. Es el proceso que genera la alegría.

Blogging is Good For Ya

Creating and blogging are forms of expression. However, I think these activities are more than that. In my opinion, they are also a form of leadership. Not our traditional view of leading others. Instead, it’s about developing something out of nothing. Leading in creating spaces for connection. Through this connection we experience positive feelings, we heal, and we grow.


The Feeling Factor

The Intersection Between Style & Psychology

Interestingly, I’m not the only one who has felt that way about blogging. The American Psychological Association wrote a piece on Blogging for Mental Health. It was noted that blogging has been found to have positive psychological affects.

“In a 2013 study of 161 high school students, researchers at the University of Haifa found that writing a blog was more effective than writing in a private diary in improving troubled students’ self-esteem and lessening their social anxiety and emotional distress (Psychological Services). Opening the blog to public comment intensified these effects.”

Source: American Psychological Association

Blogging has helped me through tough seasons over the past four years. It has helped me reflect. Additionally, since it is like a public diary, it has held me accountable to align my actions with my words. If you are thinking about starting a blog or not sure if you want to continue to do it – remember go at your own pace. It’s the process that generates the Joy!

Tools and equipment for Content Creation

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  1. I enjoy reading blogs and agree that it is a mode of self-care. Have been coming here for a few and will continue to enjoy your posts. Kudos!


    1. Author

      Hey Neti! Thanks for reading my posts! That’s right – reading blogs can be a form of self-care too.

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