You want to look cute, but keep it casual. Here are some casual summer looks you will love for when you have no idea what to wear.

Finding something casual to wear when you are midsized and have curves can be tough. You have to find a balance. On the one hand, you want to be comfy. On the other, you want to avoid looking sloppy.

My answer is to build up your wardrobe with some summer basics and trendy pieces. Here are the items that I think you will need to be casual without looking sloppy.

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Casual Summer Style Essential: Tank Tops

Tank tops are a summer essential! Get different styles of tank tops so it doesn’t look like your wearing the same thing every day.

While there are plenty of bold, bright, and compelling trends for the taking this summer…, we never want to overlook the reliable and versatile basics that are the building blocks of our wardrobes

Source: Who What Wear

Scoop Up Some Denim Shorts for a Casual Summer Look

Get yourself a few pairs of denim shorts. I wear these all summer in place of jeans! The trick is to get them in a variety of styles and cuts. Go with high waisted, of course.

Button Up Shirts for Summer Layering

Similar to a shacket, a button up shirt is a layering essential. The shacket is the go to for fall and winter. Pull out the button up shirt for spring and summer.

A Comfy Romper

Lastly, try something different and get a romper. I know that you may think these are not for you. Trust me, they are comfy and so easy to style. You just throw on a denim jacket or button up shirt and go! So, give them a chance.

Alright, those are my go to casual items for the warmer months. Now you are summer ready!

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