Solid, high quality basics are like the building blocks of your wardrobe. I think that having great basics makes getting dressed soooo much easier.

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It’s hard to get quality basics when you are on a budget for a few reasons.

There’s the disappointment of when you find something that would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe but it didn’t work out. It can be because either it (a) doesn’t fit, (b) feels cheap, or (c) is out of your budget.

These button up shirts go for $22.99 which is pretty good given the quality and fit! I like that actually button them up. I’m wearing a size XL for both shirts. My skirt is a size XXL.

With fall’s arrival swiftly approaching, it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe and make sure that it’s as ready for the new season as you are.

Source: Who What Wear

It can sometimes end up making shopping hard or make you feel excluded. You can go away feeling like you are the “wrong” size or discouraged that you can’t find a quality item in your price range.

Okay, enough with the negative Nancy! I got some ideas for ya. I found a few button up shirts that are great basics. Check out a previous post on another basic here. Here’s what I look for when shopping for basics on a budget!

Make Sure it Fits

Fit is pretty much always the starting point for any items I’m considering. If the fit is off, nothing else matters. So, I just make sure the item truly fits me and that I feel comfortable in it.

Check the Quality

The thing with a basic item is that you will potentially wear it a lot. Therefore, the fabric needs to be sturdy so that it can withstand multiple wears without loosing its shape. Also, you don’t want the color to fade.

It Might Cost a Bit More

If I need to spend a bit more on a basic, I will if I can. It really depends on if the item meets the other two criteria. Usually $50 is my threshold for most items. I spend more on shoes, coats and blazers since those will be worn a often! If I spend more than my threshold, I think of the number of wears. In other words, I think about how times I would wear the item in a year.

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Estoy reemplazando algunos de mis modas básicas en mi armario poco a poco. Me resulta difícil encontrar camisas abotonadas que me quedan bien! La primera cosa que me fijo en es si me queda bien. Después de eso, considero la calidad de la tela y cuánto cuesta.

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good! -Vivian

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