Winter – you want stay in bed under a blanket. The Teddy Coat will give you that cozy feeling and you will look cute! Here’s how to style it.

I started trying out different trends on my curvy frame about a year ago. A Teddy Coat has got to be one of my fave trends that I hopped on. Here is why: it is warm, cozy, and looks adorable too! It is a coat that makes you feel all bundled up! However, as it goes with every trend I try, I needed to figure out how I could wear it. Here is what I came up with:

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Make sure the quality is there

Quality is key with just about everything. This is especially true with a teddy coat. You want it look soft and substantial. You don’t want it took like a beat up teddy bear. No one wants to see that! Opt fora plush coat that you can’t resist touching as soon as you see it.

Treat it like your other heavy coats

Wear your teddy coat with whatever you would wear with your other heavy coats. It is a fun and unexpected piece to add into your rotation. Keep in mind that some styles, like a peacoat style, are a bit more versatile.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to be wrapped up in what can only be described as a bear-like hug when wearing one of these coats — especially with the cold wind nipping at you when you’re outside.

Source: Popsugar

Get a Teddy Coat in basic colors

Although I am into color, this isn’t an item to get crazy with color. The plush texture of the teddy coat is the star of the show! So, don’t distract from that with some bold color. Instead, stick with the basic colors like black, camel, and brown.

Have fun

Lastly, as always, make sure you are having fun! This is a playful trend! I wear this almost as much as the other trend I jumped on. the shacket. Plus, it feels so good when you have a teddy coat on a chilly day! Wear what you want!

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