I’m going all in with the shacket trend! This time I’m going with a shacket coat. A trend that keeps you warm and cozy? Yes, please!

I know I already have a post with this trend. Here is the thing, is if something works, I am going to go all in. A shacket coat works can be worn in different ways. This is one way to wear it.

Start with a Simple Base Item

Keep the base item simple like I did here. I wore this one piece bodysuit with this shacket coat. Isn’t this bodysuit the coolest piece? As I mentioned in the other shacket post here, this item can come in a range of colors. So, you want to keep your base item simple to anchor your look.

“Shackets are the absolute perfect layering piece through fall, winter and spring. Their popular wool blend and leather styles makes them thicker than your average shirt, but thinner than your heavy winter coat so you can easily layer them over a turtleneck and under an overcoat throughout the colder temps.”

Source: Who What Wear

Add Something Different

A shacket coat is already a bit different. Therefore, think about adding some detail that is unexpectedly feminine. This can be a dainty necklace or bracelet. In my case, I added these fabulous boots with a bit of bling on them. Aren’t these so fun? I thought so too.

Have Fun

Trying new styles and trends has been something I’ve embraced over the last year. Prior to that, I avoided trendy items. Part of the reason for my avoidance was my dislike for online shopping. Cue the pandemic and online shopping being our only option! Now, I embrace new trends. I try whatever style I want to – including a shacket coat. This has made shopping so much more enjoyable. It is fun! So, I say try new styles. You never know what you will like.

Alright, how will you wear your shacket coat?

What do you think?

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