You’ve probably seen a faux leather pencil skirt and wondered how to wear one. I got some ideas on how to nail styling this edgy item.

Black woman in a faux leather pencil skirt

Although there are so many variety of skirt styles, we all usually stick with the classics. We go with skirts that are midi length, a-line, pleated, pencil or mini style. The safe skirt staples. I branched out from just wearing a leather jacket to wearing a skirt about a year ago. You can see that post here. I realized that I was missing out by not including a faux leather skirt in my wardrobe!

Black woman in a faux leather pencil skirt

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Get Quality

When it comes to faux leather anything, quality matters. You want it to look like a solid piece since it is an edgy item. Stay away from really thin skirts. Also, you want the faux leather to not be too shiny. Otherwise it can look cheap.

“Stylish women are obsessed with leather skirts, which are a lot more versatile than you might think.”

Source: Who What Wear

Check the Fit

Like with most things, you want to make sure that your skirt fits you well. You don’t want it to be too tight or too loose. Skimming your frame is what you want to go for so you can move. Plus, that makes it have more of a chic feel.

Keep Everything Else Simple

Lastly, let the faux leather skirt be the centerpiece of your outfit. Pair your skirt up with unexpected basics like a tee or a turtleneck. That will bring the look down to have more of a casual vibe. Likewise, that will give you more ways to wear the skirt.

Okay, now tell me how you wear your faux leather pencil skirt?

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