You just found out about an event and you have nothing to wear! Here are four dresses to get you ready to go.

You have no time to shop

Doesn’t this always happen to you? You get invited to something without much notice and have no idea what to wear. Then, when you go online you find nothing you like or in your size. Zero. Zilch. I got you! I rounded up four different looks from dresses to a set and threw in a romper to help you out.

Wearing an xl

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Get What You Love Before an Event Comes Up

This may seem like it doesn’t make sense but hear me out. Stock up on items you love when you find them. That will ensure that you are ready for any event. Alright, let’s get into my picks:

1. An Outdoor Wedding: The Simple But Pretty Dress

First, stock up on simple yet pretty dresses for all of those outdoor events. Think what would I be most comfortable wearing for hours at a wedding? A simple dress allows you to throw on a cardigan or blazer when the temperature drops. Additionally, you can wear a lower heel if you want to. Keep the color and print simple to allow it to be versatile. Likewise, make sure you can sit down in it and feel comfortable.

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2. A Work Event: Comfy, Classy and Cute

Next, get yourself a dress that can be worn for a work or casual event. This unicorn of a dress needs to provide coverage, be comfy, and not too trendy. I like to go with a color that lights me up since the other elements of this dress are more traditional. Also, make sure the fit skims your frame and is not too tight. Additionally, make sure you can sit down for hours in this dress!


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“Weddings, baptisms, networking events, funerals, job interviews, barbecues, holiday parties, baby and bridal showers—what do they all have in common? It’s always confusing to figure out what to wear to them.”

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3. Brunch with the Girls: Go with a Romper

Third, get yourself a fun item like a romper! Okay, technically this not a dress. However, it sure looks like one! Rompers are a whimsical little piece to add to your wardrobe. Make sure the structure is there so it looks appropriate for an event. Additionally, keep the pattern simple in a color you love. A romper already has a lot going on so keep everything else simple!


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4. Evening Out: a Set That Fits Like a Glove

Lastly, get yourself a set. I know this is also technically not a dress. However, it can occupy the same role while being something different. I like a midi length skirt so that there is more coverage. That way you only have the area right below the bust showing some skin. Go with a fit that skims your frame and isn’t too tight. Trust me on this one. Otherwise, the set won’t feel comfortable.

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You are event ready

Now you are ready for any event that comes up! Also, you will look and feel good. Need to figure out what strapless bra to wear? Check out my post here.


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