It can be a challenge to find a swimsuit if you have curves! Here is how I shop for my suits that fit my curves and feel comfy too.

Know Your Measurements

First, be sure to get familiar with your measurements. I mean really know your frame. This is especially important If you think your weight has fluctuated a bit. You want to take the guesswork out of finding the right fit. This will save you from having frustrating swimsuit try-on sessions at home. Trust me!

“…you’ll want to think about your swimsuit requirements. While you want something flattering, stylish, and comfortable, you also want one to make you feel your best.”

Source: Popsugar

Go Back to What Worked Before

After that, think about the most comfortable swimsuit you ever had. Really sit and determine what made that a good swimsuit for you. What made it comfortable? Was it the straps, the cut, or just a detail you loved? That is what I did. Write the styles done in your phone or wherever you can access easily. This will help you have a better idea of what styles to consider.

Try, Try, Try Them Swimsuits

Next, be ready to kiss a few frogs before finding the right swimsuit. Don’t get discouraged. I tried about 8 swimsuits and these three were a hit. They others were a miss. Try different styles from your list of what worked in the past. If your list is short, then try a range of styles. Be open to a two piece. Here’s why – there are a lot more brand with inclusive sizing and fit. You can end up finding a high waisted two piece that you absolutely love! So be open – you never know!

Make Sure You Will Actually Wear It

Lastly, make sure your suit is functional. It should be a swimsuit that matches your lifestyle. Also, that you will actually wear it and that it makes you feel good! Think of it this way, what would your older self say about wearing a bathing suit right now? Your future self would be probably be like – just do it girl. And she would say you look fabulous!

Okay, you are set! Go get started on ordering those swimsuits. You got this.

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