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Style Round Up

Here Is What I Keep Buying From Fashion Nova

It’s been a year since I started shopping at Fashion Nova. There are some items I keep buying. Here is a round up of my fave items!

Before you roll your eyes and say, “Fashion Nova is not for me because..” fill in the blank ___ I’m too old, too big, to preppy, or whatever. Hear me out! I felt the same way until I tried it. I used to not wear brands that I was not the target demographic. The thing is, it is just clothes, right? So wear what will work for you! Be open to different brands as long as the items make you feel dynamite! Alright, I’m done with my Ted Talk. Let’s go!

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The V-Neck Tee

First, a v-neck tee is a Fashion Nova must for me! There are two tees that are my “go tos”. I have bought both of these tees in different colors. I got  one and this one.

I like that they aren’t too tight. That allows me to wear it in different ways.  For instance, I wear these tops with jeans, leggings, under a blazer, and with a skirt.  I’m wearing a size 1x. 

The Crew Neck Tee and High Waisted Jeans

Also, the crew neck tee is another item I wear often! I have this tee in white, knaki, and black in a 1x. What I like most about this tee is that it is thick so it isn’t see through. So, that allows me to wear it on its own or under a blazer. 

Next, the high waisted jean is another item I pull out a lot. I love high waisted anything as it looks fantastic on curves! One note on high waisted jeans- it takes a minute to get used to the higher waist. So, just give it a chance then you will be into it!

Sizing – I wish I had a clear cut answer on this one. I have worn a size 11, 16, and a 1x depending on the style of the jeans. So, if you are in between sizes you might need to get both. However, keep in mind that returns are store credit only! Once you find your fit you will be good. 

A Tank Top Dress

Additionally, I’m into the Fashion Nova tank top dresses. You can wear them with a blazer or denim jacket. What I like most is these dresses are super comfortable!  These are the styles of dresses I keep buying this one and this one.

Every one of these  I’ve purchased has been in a 1x. My preference is for these dresses to fit me a certain way.  For example, I look for this style of dress to skim my frame without being too fitted. That way I can still move.

A Henley

Finally, scoop up a henley! There are a few of these in different colors in my closet. Just throw them on with jeans or shorts. I like this one and this one.  I’m wearing a 1x. 

This is a reliable basic that can be worn all year. Also, you can layer it under a scarf or denim jacket. Pull up the sleeves when it gets warmer outside. 

Okay, there you have it, my favorite Fashion Nova items. If you are still not convinced, try it. You will never know what you will like until you try it! 

Which one is your favorite? Let me know below in the comments or on Instagram @livbyviv!

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