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How to Rock Yellow Regardless of Your Skin Tone

Do you love the color yellow but don’t know how to wear it? I got some ideas on how you can rock this vibrant color!

First, let’s talk about the variety of shades of yellow out there. I did some research and found that there are approximately 50 shades of yellow! The shades vary from bright and bold to muted and earthy. 

There will a lot of yellow out in stores this year as it part of Pantones the Color of the Year. I talked about that in a post here. The thing is, yellow can be a bit tricky. You need to consider your skin tone when wearing it. For example, I can’t wear muted-earthy tones. It does nothing for me. In contrast, cooler and brighter tones are my jam. It takes some trial and error. 

While you figure that out, I got some ways to wear this fun color.

"Shades of yellow color are thought to encourage positivity, creativity and spontaneity."

Source: Color Meanings

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A Black Woman with curly hair in a Yellow Sheath Dress

Tip One 

Anchor Yellow with a Neutral

A Black Woman with curly hair in a Yellow Sheath Dress

First, if you aren’t ready for a bold yellow, try a soft light yellow that you can layer. For example, you can layer this shade with a neutral to anchor your outfit.

A Black Woman with curly hair in a Yellow Sheath Dress
A Black Woman with curly hair in a Yellow Sheath Dress
A Black Woman with curly hair in a Yellow Sheath Dress

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Here are links to the items and similar ones:

A Black Woman in a yellow turtleneck and blazer

Tip Two

Layer It Up

A Black Woman in a yellow turtleneck and blazer
A Black Woman in a yellow turtleneck and blazer

Second, try layering your yellow piece with other pieces. Keep everything else simple. That will help the yellow piece stand out. Also, you can try a really light yellow if you aren’t ready for a bold bright shade. 

Moreover, what I like about a lighter shade of yellow is that it can worn fall, winter and spring. 

A Black Woman with Curly Hair in a Yellow Print Turtleneck and a Pencil Skirt

Tip Three

Wear Yellow in a Print

Next, another way to wear a bit of yellow is to go with a print.  A small print works as it won’t overwhelm your outfit. This can be a way to rock a pinch of this bright color. Also, I think this works if you are concerned how yellow looks next to your skin tone. 

Tip 4

Wear it as a Bottom Piece

Additionally, you can add some yellow to your look by wearing it on the bottom. This can help you rock yellow without worrying how it works with against your complexion. For example, a fun skirt, shorts, or pants can do the trick. 

Tip 5

Add it as a Pop of Color

Finally, add it as a pop of color. This actually one of my favorite ways to wear yellow . It is unexpected burst of color. You can sprinkle in this color pretty much every season. 

See, you can wear yellow! Some additional thoughts – play around with the different shades of the bright color. There are so many tones to choose from. If you aren’t sure, put the item against your face and look in the mirror. If you are like “yes!!”, then you found a match. If you feel “meh” then keep moving. 

Which way will you wear yellow? Let me know below in the comments!

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