Houndstooth is a bold print that can be intimidating. Instead, think of it as the perfect palette for a pop of color. I got two ways you can style a Houndstooth coat.


First, I wasn’t sure when I saw this coat. I thought it was maybe “too much”. Meaning that this high contrast print was going to overwhelm my outfit. Luckily, I still tried it on and decided to get it. 


The Feeling Factor

The Intersection Between Style & Psychology

Graphic and Bold- A coat that makes a statement gives you the confidence to say “I’m here”. There are so many times that, as a woman over 35 (especially with curves), that the emphasis is on not being seen. It’s on not taking space both literally (adapt to society’s expectations) and figuratively (blend in and be quiet).

“Although some might associate houndstooth with drab work clothes and men’s suits, it’s actually classic and chic, and no winter wardrobe should be without it. “

Source: Woman and Home

Last year, I talked about how much I love a black and white print in a post here.  When you think about it, houndstooth is just another way to combine black and white. With that in mind, here’s how I decided to style it:

A Pop of Light Color and Black Pants

This is definitely a style for work. What I like about this combo is that it’s unexpected. I usually don’t pair this light blue with a black and white print. Additionally, it breaks up the usual routine of wearing a blazer.

A Punch of Color and a Mini Skirt 

Obviously, this is more of a weekend outfit. I like the contrast of a coat and a mini skirt. Of course,  if it’s too cold I would wear tights too.  I’ve had this mini leather skirt for a couple of years.


This outfit combines three eye-catching pieces: a bold coat, a turtleneck in a vibrant poppy red and a leather miniskirt.

Dime En Español

Cuando tu abrigo llama la atención! No estaba segura acerca de este abrigo de Pata de Gallo (no sabia que se llamaba así en Español) , ya que parecía un poco llamativo. Eso se me quitó después de probármelo y porque, tú sabes, estamos hablando de pata de gallo. 


Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good! -Vivian

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