Your mood can dictate not only how you feel but also what you wear. There’s a holiday event and you don’t feel like wearing a basic dress. I got you! Here are some looks to match your mood. Bonus – they’re on a budget too.

Can you relate: the time is fast approaching to get ready for a holiday event. So, you check in with yourself- what mood am I in? How you feel about this event- excited, anxious, confident, or just plain tired will affect what you decide to wear.

Here’s the thing- the holidays are WAY MORE emotionally charged than other seasons. So, I rounded up three looks for three MOODS – or SCHMOODS (we got extra intense moods around this time of the year) that you may be in: Cozy & Calm, Whimsical & Optimistic, and Dressy & Confident

Fact: Your emotional state is playing a huge role in your outfit today. Whether you woke up feeling ready for everything or the exact opposite, the clothes you picked out were a direct reflection of your mood, even if you weren’t consciously aware of it as you rooted around in your closet. 

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The Feeling Factor

The Intersection Between Style & Psychology

The Feeling Factor will be a new section in some of my posts talking about the intersection between Style and Psychology.

Most of you know that I’m a School Psychologist (I love it!) with a focus on mental health. What I’ve noticed, from over 20 years in the field of psychology, is that being aware of your mood is key. In other words, you got to be present in order to get through the day effectively. Likewise, when you ignore a low mood or don’t maximize a positive mood, you are setting yourself up to not be at your best. Also, it is ok to be in a low mood. Plus, even if you ignore your mood, others will pick up on it anyway.

Alright, let’s get into our style MOODS:

Holiday Mood 1: Cozy and Calm

First, you’re heading to a family party or a gift exchange at a coffee shop with friends. These are your girls! So, you want to look put together but don’t want to overdue it. Also, you need to be able to move and lounge around on the couch with friends. Game plan: a pair of jeggings, a sweater, a colorful scarf, and a pair of metallic heels.

Holiday Mood 2: Whimsical and Optimistic

Exact Match

It’s a party – Your friends are getting together and you want to put something on that’s a bit different. Also, you’re excited to see some folks you haven’t seen in a while. It’s ok to be a little EXTRA. So, you want to wear something a bit fun. Additionally, you are also ok departing from the typical holiday palette of red, green or black. Game plan: a sweater, a tulle skirt, sparkly heels, and a peacoat. The tulle skirt is a thrifted find. I linked some similar skirts.

Holiday Mood 3: Dressy and Confident

Next, you’re headed to an event that’s a bit more formal. You may not know everyone there. This is a chance to turn things up a bit, make a damn statement! Also, you’re up to the challenge to do that and feeling confident. Let’s go beyond an LBD (Little Black Dress). However, you still want to be comfortable while feeling put together. Game plan: a sweater, a satin skirt, silver heels, and a plaid coat. These heels are another thrifted find!

Dime En Español

Lo que he notado, basado en más de 20 años trabajando como psicóloga escolar, es que uno tiene que dar se cuenta de su estado de ánimo. Bueno, otra manera de decirlo es que debes estar presente emocionalmente para pasar la epoca de las navidades de manera efectiva y saludable. Cuando uno ignora un estado de ánimo bajo o no maximiza un estado de ánimo positivo, uno no es se está preparando para tener su mejor momento. Además, incluso si ignoras tu estado de ánimo, otros lo percibirán de todos modos.

More Tips for Holiday Style:

Mix Things Up

So, the key with all of these looks is that you are just mixing separates together in different ways. I talked about layering for Curves in this post. Moreover, these could be items you already own. It could be that you just need to buy a couple of items to complete your look. Also, I like this idea since it also helps me stay on a budget. In the past I would splurge on a dress I will only wear a couple times a year. Now, I might splurge (a little – still on a budget!) on a couple fun key pieces that can be worn in different ways.

Test it Out at Home

Still focus on being comfortable. This is what I start with for any outfit. If you feel like an item is off, it’s highly likely that your mood will be too. Additionally, put your potential outfit on at home and walk/sit. Do all of the things you may do to make sure it will work. Also, I like to take a picture of the outfit as well – so I don’t forget the items!

Don’t Forget Thrifting

Lastly, check out those thrift stores! Two of these outfits get their sparkle from a thrifted piece. The tulle skirt and silver strappy heels are both thrifted. Check out my posts on thrifting here and here.

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good! -Vivian

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