Summer is winding down and a ton of items are on sale. It’s so tempting to want to buy the trendiest summer items. But, the problem is that you may not want to wear those items after this season. Here are the items I think you won’t regret buying.

Each season has a cycle to it, right? First, we are excited to experience a change in temps and styles. Then at some point, we are so ready to move on. When it comes to summer, this is when we start to be a bit over the heat. It sounds like a good idea to stock up on pieces that will keep us cool. Especially if that gingham ruffled dress is now half off! But that can lead to a problem…

Summer top

In the past, I would do some impulse shopping and buy a load of dresses, shorts, and tops. However, these were items that were season specific and trend heavy. Super cute at the time. Then, sure enough the next summer would arrive and I was over these items. I am not going to do that this summer.

Summer Dress

So the summer uniform has to embody that elusive combination of coolness (stylish and lightweight), functionality, and adventure-friendly.

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There’s a ritual I go through pretty much every year – summer closet refresh. For example, I go through items that I’m ready to sell on Poshmark. You can check out how I got about doing that in a previous post here. Additionally, I look at what I need to donate. Let me tell you what I noticed – that there are summer items that I kept from last year. Also, that I’ve worn some of them this summer as well.

Piensalo antes de comprarlo

Entonces, el resultado era que acumulé una loma de ropa súper de tendencia. Mucha de la ropa era como yo le digo usar “una vez y fin”. No eran artículos que yo iba a usar mucho. 

Hay un montón de ropa de verano que está de venta. Antes de agarrar cual quier cosa por que el precio estaba rebajada- estaba conveniente que yo lo “necesitó”

Summer top

Alright, I rounded up the items that I think are worth keeping around this summer and the next. Let’s get to it!

A Basic White Dress

Summer Dress

Now, if you follow me, you know that I have a fear of wearing white. It’s real folks! I am always worried about getting it dirty. But, I can put my fears aside (and carry a Tide pen just in case) and appreciate a good white dress. I think white is just classic and crisp. For instance, you can go with a neutral or black in terms of color combinations. Additionally, a white dress isn’t too trendy either.

White Dress

Smocked Midi Dresses

Summer Dress

Next, I noticed that I hang on to my smocked summer dresses. I have one from last summer that I still wear. You can check that post here. I think what I like most about a smocked style dress is that it is comfortable. I can just throw it on with some sandals and look decent. Likewise, the smocking usually brings the dress in at the waist which is excellent for Curves.

Summer Dress

Linen Pieces

Summer Top

Lastly, I noticed that I keep most of the linen pieces that fit well. This can range from this vest (like this one) to a jumpsuit. The reason I’m drawn to linen items is that they can also be worn for work. Just depends on the cut. Plus, they typically have more structure which works for Curves.

What have you kept and worn every summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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Summer Top

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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