It is officially dress season (my favorite season!!). This is also when we attend outdoor parties, graduations, or showers. That means that you need to have a dress ready to go. I found one, this maxi dress.

Maxi Dress

Who What Wear Dress, Size XXL here , Plus

Do ever notice that you see dresses you love when you are not looking for them? The moment you DO need a dress, then the dress you want is nowhere to be found. My answer: don’t ever pass up a dress when the fit is right and you feel dynamite in it. Especially a maxi dress!

Maxi Dress

“If you’re after an instant outfit that you can just throw on without thinking, then a dress is always the easy answer.”

Source: Good Housekeeping

Why? Because the moment you do, I bet, you will have an event that you need to go to. Then, you will go online or head to the mall. What typically happens at that point is that you settle for an dress that is OK, kind of “meh”. Then you begin to debate if you really need to go to the event. It’s an annoying cycle. So, get those dresses that fit like a glove. You will thank yourself later!

Maxi Dress

Alright, let’s get into this dress. I saw this dress and wasn’t sure about it. The hanger didn’t do it justice. I think that maxi dresses are hard to visualize without putting them on. What drew me in was two things: the print and wrap style neckline.

Maxi Dress

The print is my usual favorite, black with white polka dots. That makes it a dress that can be worn in different ways. You can see a previous post with another polka dot dress here. The wrap style is always a flattering neckline for a dress. The last little push was the puff sleeves.

Maxi Dress

When it comes to maxi dresses, I always try them on. If the fabric has no stretch, which most don’t, I try on a couple of sizes. For instance, I tried on both an XL and XXL for this Who What Wear dress. The XXL prevailed as it was not too fitted and I could move.

I could see this dress being worn to outdoor events, graduations, weddings and bridal showers. I think that given the drama of the longer length that going with a neutral shoe is best. If you notice, the only pop of color is my lipstick. I didn’t want anything to compete with the dress.

Maxi Dress

So, when you see a gorgeous dress, try it on. Then wait. Then an event will pop up out of nowhere. You will be so excited when you can spend time shopping for accessories for the event instead of a dress!

Maxi Dress

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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