As I get more comfortable with myself, I get more into fitted items I wouldn’t have worn before. Turtlenecks are one of those pieces that were once on my “don’t” list.


I referenced Turtlenecks in of my blog posts from two years ago. My post, How to Layer a Turtleneck with Curves, talked about how to use this basic to layer to anchor tops and dresses. I mentioned that in a previous relationship, I was told that I shouldn’t wear turtlenecks because of my size. I talked about how I was starting to wear turtlenecks again.

Although I had gotten to the point of layering a turtleneck, I wasn’t comfortable wearing it just as a top just yet. It’s a process!


Turtlenecks are one of those pieces that were once on the “don’t” list.

This year, I am into wearing a turtleneck just as a top. It’s one of my favorite basics lately. Especially my black turtleneck!


I feel like it’s such a chic piece when worn the right way. However, turtlenecks can be hard to pull off with curves.

So, I got a few tips on how to wear them and feel good while you are at it. These tips are pretty similar to my other ones:



I make sure my Turtlenecks have lots of stretch in them. I want my turtleneck to move with me.


Go with a size that skims your body. That way it is fitted for structure but not skin tight. I suggest trying different brands. For me, Old Navy and Banana Republic have worked out. I think fit was the reason why I started getting comfortable wearing it as a top.’

Basic Colors

Opt for basic colors such as black or grey to start out. That will make the piece a lot more versatile. You build from these basics and create all kinds of outfits. Go with a print, like stripes, or bolder color once you are more comfortable.


I feel like it’s such a chic piece when worn the right way.


This is how I have been wearing Turtlenecks lately. I have been pairing them with full skirts, fitted stretchy pants, and peacoats. I love the way these pieces look together! You may remember this thrifted tulle skirt from another post, I tried Thrifting and this is what happened. Such a fun skirt!

If you haven’t noticed, other than the gray turtleneck outfit, most of the outfits in this post are a remix of the same pieces. I like to do that so I can maximize my wardrobe. Also, Mixing pieces Up was the original idea of my blog.


I have been trying berets this winter too. I like to try something new every now and then. My head is on the larger side so finding hats that fit can be a challenge. These berets have been perfect.


I like to try something new every now and then.

The other skirt I’m wearing is midi length. This is another whimsical skirt. I love the polka dot print and the flowy feel of this skirt. It gives off a little 1960s throwback vibe. If you are wondering about the wreath, this was part of some of my (last minute) holiday content.


I have been sticking to black and grey turtlenecks for now. I may pick one up in red and another with stripes.

Gray Turtleneck Size Large Here|| Tulle Skirt Similar || Belt Here ||Black Heels Here || Beret Here || Glitter Heels Here || Midi Skirt Size 16 Here|| Peacoat Size Large Here || Stretch Pants Similar ||

Alright, your turn, are you going to try Turtlenecks this winter?

… Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!

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