The way that clothes can instantly change the way you feel has always interested me.  A blazer has been one of those pieces that can take me from feeling sloppy to put together. However, what I have found is that it has to be the right kind of blazer to give me that polished feel.

I remember in my early 20s wearing a blazer just for important meetings or interviews.  My hope was that by suiting up, I would appear older. I would be considered to be extra professional or “serious”. Did any of you do that too? I was always taking a blazer off as soon as I was done with the meeting.  It was way too stiff. I figured out that dressing professionally doesn’t have to be uncomfortable after a few years. 


What I’m wearing: Target Prologue Blazer Size XL here ,  Similar  ,  Similar ,  Plus  || Target Prologue Pants here

I have to really be able to live in a blazer in order for me to buy it.

Anyway, now I like a blazer for structure or a polished look. I grew into wearing one to match my lifestyle. I throw one on for my work as a school psychologist and when I just want to dress up a tee and with jeans.


However, not all blazers are created equal when you got curves! I have to really be able to live in a blazer in order for me to buy it. That can be challenge if you have curves and a budget.

That being said, planning this post got me thinking, what do I look for when I buy a blazer?


So I rounded up my three tips for shopping for a blazer:

  1. Comfort – My thing with blazers (and pretty much anything) is that they got to be comfortable or I won’t wear them. They need to have some stretch in them so I can move. 
  2. Versatility – I look for blazers that are simple enough so that I can wear them with jeans, dresses or slacks. Nothing too trendy or busy.
  3. Fit- This is key in my book! I usually can’t do an oversized style blazer. I stick to a more structured look so that it works for my shape.

This blazer from Target meets all three of these requirements. I am loving their new Prologue line! This blazer is a wrap style with some stretch. I like that I actually can close the blazer! That lets me wear it as a top with a cami under as I did here. I can see myself wearing this blazer with jeans and dresses as well.

The pants are also from Target Prologue. This pair is comfy and has pockets! I will be wearing these on repeat as well!

Here’s a video clip of this outfit from my IGTV

A Wrap Blazer and Pants

Vertical Video

… Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!


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